“I want to play in the Premier League someday”-TRTSpor

Ellen Ellen told Anadolu Agency (AA): “For the first time, I’m proud to be a national national. It’s really an indescribable feeling. The biggest dream of any Turkish soccer player is to wear his country’s jersey. It’s my dream too. Thankfully it happened. It had a great atmosphere and was very welcomed by my brothers and friends. I think this will continue. We reflect the beautiful environment in our training and field camps. I’m thinking of doing it. I hope it will happen. The match in Portugal was a result. Before that, I will play four very important matches. Difficult matches are not easy matches I think. We are aware of this. We are aware of this. We are working on it. We want to reflect the game we want to play in the field. ” I used a phrase.

“There’s a lot of transfer news about him. What’s the latest situation about your transfer?” Ellen asked a question, “The recent situation is as follows. There are managers who take care of me outside the field. If they are meeting the club now, they are talking to me. So far, I don’t know much. No. I’m currently focusing on the national team. There are four very important matches. My job is on the field and off the field for me. If necessary, someone who is interested Talking about transfers. I’m definitely focusing on the field. I’ll continue like this. “ He replied.

“I want to participate in the Premier League someday”

A young soccer player said his goal was to play in the Premier League someday, saying: “There is a league I definitely want to play. Of course, I want to play in the Premier League someday. It’s a very difficult league.” Do you think it’s close to that place? “Yes, in a year or two, why? I’m working for it. Of course, my goal is Europe. I’ll do my best to reach this goal.‘ He said.

Ellen Ellen said she saw too many Premier League matches. “Which team do you like in the Premier League and which play style suits you?“To the question, “I see all the teams. Liverpool and Manchester City are very big teams. When compared by country, football is very different. Liverpool and Manchester City seem to be difficult right away, but gradually increase I think I can be there. Gradually. Why? “ I gave the answer.

“I aim to be one of the indispensable names for the national team.”

Ellen emphasized that she wanted to prove herself on the national team, saying: “I’m 21. I became a national for the first time at 21. I’ve been ahead for years. Of course, I’m aiming for one of the must-have names for the national team. We’re for this. , We play in a team. We are used to the atmosphere, unity and unity here. I hope it will be very good. And I am an integral name of the national team. I will be one of them. “ I made that evaluation.

A young soccer player said he was aware of his own expectations with a crescent-shaped star team, saying: “Expectations certainly don’t put pressure on me, but it motivates me very positively. The fact that some people have expectations positively influences me. I have these. I would like to return my expectations in the best possible way.‘ He said.

He stated that he had very good communication with the national team coach Stefan Kuntz, and the national football player said: “We definitely get very positive energy and feedback from him. He is very interested in us and always chats with us. He speaks Turkish with us. I’m trying to talk. It has a very nice atmosphere. I hope it continues like this. “ He said.

Ellen Ellen also talked about her rivalry in his position on the national team. “There are certainly big names and promising names. I think it’s a good competitive environment. To be honest, I’m very happy with it.” I made that evaluation.

“My favorite left back Theo Hernandez”

Ellen said she has watched many games and is following a very important name in the back left position. “Today, my favorite left-back Theo Hernandez. He has a great shape. I think he’s close to his playing style. He’s one of the best players I’ve seen today. . “ I used a phrase.

Ellen, “You are one of your favorite transfer names. What does it mean to you to play in the Champions League?” question, “I don’t think I can explain. I can’t explain how I felt at that time. The music of the current Champions League or something. It’s amazing. I wish I had a chance to play.” I wish I had a chance. Listening to Champions League music will explode your emotions. It’s a non-voluntary aspect. “ He replied.

In apprais of Kasumpasha’s performance last season, Ellen said:

“It was unexpected in the first half, but it exceeded expectations in the second half. It started well in the second half. There was a sense of unity with the appearance of Sami Hoja. I think this was reflected in the field. It became the most talked about in the second half. One of the teams. The goal is the leader in the second half. “But I was in second place. Of course, I’m proud of the work we did and the results we achieved. With very good unity and solidarity, this It was reflected in the field and rewarded for my efforts. “