“I want to go out first”-TRTSpor

The National Men’s Volleyball Team will conduct its first test in 2022 in the European Gold League hosted by the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV).

Group A members Slovakia and Portugal will face Elazig and Trabzon rivals in Turkey.

Turkey, the Golden League champion of the last two seasons, will play their first group match against Slovakia on May 25 in Elazig.

The team that completed the group in the first place and the country that hosts the final group are entitled to participate in the Final Four tournament.

The team that wins the first two places in the CEV European Gold League Final Four is eligible for the FIVB Challenger Cup. The FIVB Challenger Cup champion team will receive a visa to the FIVB Nations League next year.

Nedim Osbay, head coach of the national men’s volleyball team who camped in Ankara before the organization, issued a statement to AA correspondent.

Osbay said he met on the 11th of the month, “The playoffs in the league ended in 8-9 days. We allowed national players from Hulk Bank and Ziraat Bank to play the playoffs. 3 since they came. The days have passed. “

Osbay announced that he would make final preparations in Elazig, “I’m going early to get used to Elazig and experience the atmosphere. Brutai couldn’t come because of an injury. He had a serious shoulder problem. I have. Efe Mandurachi is also injured in the league. I was well prepared here, “he said.

An experienced head coach said the group tournament would be tough, and continued:

“We will play Portugal and Slovakia. We will play Slovakia in Elazig and we will go to Istanbul on the 26th. Then we will play Portugal on the road and then back to Trabzon to play Portugal again. We want to come. I was the first to play in the group. The winner is already out of the group. Like last year, I want to chase the championship in the final four. “

Osbay pointed out that he had won the European Gold League twice in a row.I raised the rank with the points I got from here. I got the right to participate in the world championship for the first time since 1998. In 1998, I went to Japan as a trainer. Destiny was again for us.‘ He said.

Osbay recalls that the World Championships were held from Russia and given to Italy, “Our goal is to get there in the best possible way. Our group is in China, There are Canada and Italy. We want to get the best. Our country gets the right degree for these kids. “He shared his opinion.

“We want to be part of a big team”

Emphasizing that Turkey has an excellent generation of men’s volleyball, Osbay said:

“Turkish volleyball is evolving. We created today’s team as coaches at the 2016 Youth Turkish Championship.’These young people will be the players who will take our country to the next level of men’s volleyball. I thought. ”In men’s volleyball, there is a serious power gap between us, the world and Europe. We want to be part of a big team. We are working hard for that. “

Osbay pointed out that he had reached the final 16 in the last European Championship, “I went with the missing team and did a great job. I went with a very young team. I did a great job. I missed Serbia. It would have been higher if I hadn’t missed it. As a team. I would experience them by living and I wouldn’t make any mistakes. ” I made that evaluation.

“I devoted my life to men’s volleyball,” Nedim Özbey emphasized that they are aiming to bring the national team to a higher rank.

The national season will be busy

Pointing out that the schedule for international matches this season is busy, Osbay said:

“After the Gold League, the Challenger Cup will be held in South Korea. We will also participate in the qualifying group of the European Championship. We will participate in the qualifying group of Denmark and Azerbaijan in Istanbul. After that, our main goal is. World Championships. I love climbing step by step. “Go to the finals of the European Gold League and become the champion there. Earn points in the matches you play in the Challenger Cup. If you win there, go to the Nations League. By the way, there are Islamic solidarity games, Mediterranean games and under 22 championships. “Some of these kids play there. This year is the busiest year in volleyball.”