“I want to continue development in Europe”-TRTSpor

Centk Özkaçar, a 21-year-old soccer player from the A National Football Team, who continues his career with the Lyon team in France, has issued a statement to a reporter at the Ihlas News Agency (IHA) about the match played by the crescent-shaped star team. .. In the UEFA Nations League, this season’s evaluation and future plans.

Saying it was a good camp, Ozkachi said, “It’s been a busy schedule since the camp started. Team cooperation is a very good level. It also works tactically. Our spiritual work continues not only in the field, but also outside the field. We move together. I hope everything gets better. “ He said.

“I want to make 6 out of 6”

In a match against the Faroe Islands on Saturday, a soccer player said,Anyway, the FIFA rankings seem to be ahead of the teams in the group. But after all, the sport we play is soccer. No one should be underestimated in football. When we go out on the field, we want to do everything we can to win six games in a group that includes the Faroe Islands and keep moving forward in the best possible way. I want to go from 6 inches to 6 inches He said.

“I learned a lot in the Belgian League”

Evaluating past seasons for himself, a 21-year-old soccer player, “I played on a loan at Oud-Heverlee Leuven in Belgium. Playing there all the time and finishing the season with 40 games against the national team made me very happy. I am Belgium for my own growth. I think I learned a lot in the league and added more value to my football. I hope I can enjoy this achievement, especially with the national team and in the long run. “ I used a phrase.

“I want to be a good project”

In next year’s plan, a successful defender, “I had a one-year loan agreement with Oud-Heverlee Leuven. The agreement has expired. I have a three-year contract with Lyon. The manager is still in talks with Lyon. The new season of Lyon. As a player of, I think I’ll be attending the Lyon camp first, but I’m always aware of what’s going to happen next. Look together. We’re not just in our opinion, but in general at the club. I plan to act and plan in line with my opinion. My manager. I can only say that I want to be part of a good project. ” I made that evaluation.

“I think I have a lot to learn from them.”

Jenck Ozkasar also talked about Chaglar Soyunchu and Merih Demiral playing in the same area of ​​the A National Football Team. “They are the names that have been fighting in Europe for many years and playing in my area. They are very elite players. I think there is a lot to learn from them. You can see their contributions in a short period of time. Not only in the field, but also outside the field. I believe it will grow well. “ I made a statement.

When asked how yoga and chiropractic training on the national team is progressing, a young soccer player said, “We continue to improve ourselves in terms of tactical organization and gameplay, not only on-field but also off-field. A new method; meditation, chiropractic, was welcomed with interest and affection by all of us within the team. We continue to work in the most modern way, both inside and outside the field. He replied.

“The team has German discipline.”

When asked about the national football team’s Stefan Kuntz game system, Ozkasar said: “The coach’s game system is good. He is an experienced teacher. The team has German discipline. I trust the coach’s game discipline and the system he has established. I am in that system. I want to keep working as it is done. ” He replied.

“Returning to Turkey is not my idea so far.”

Centk Özkaçar said he wanted to grow his career in line with this year’s plans and projects. “I want to make a medium- to long-term plan, not a short-term one. First of all, I want to be a project that can be active in the field at any time.” Said. A 21-year-old soccer player stated that he was not in my thoughts about returning to Turkey so far, saying: “I want to continue my career in Europe in the best possible way and continue to develop in Europe.” He concluded by saying.