I want my son to be in jail Mother: Take this child to jail!

The woman, who was released after being stabbed by the vice-principal of Adana’s school and was shot and threatened, wanted to imprison her child. “This kid needs psychological treatment. He attacks the person who comes in front of him. I walk down the street for fear of death. Take this kid to jail.” Said.

The life of DK (17), who was very good at class, turned into a nightmare when he got a perfect score of 500 in the level judgment test taken at a private educational institution in 2016. First, a boy in a car accident with 10 platinum and 4 nails on his right foot died in a fake Rakı that he drank.

After that, a young man who was the victim of a friend dropped out of school. DK, who did not go to school despite the efforts of his mother, Ilkay Kayam, fought and began to threaten his mother. Last month, DK stabbed a private school vice-principal for not letting him enter the school. The detained youth was later released because he was too young.

Mother has a decision to remove

Then, when he went to his house in the central Chucroix district, the young man shot and threatened his mother, claiming he didn’t buy a bike for himself. After the neighbor called the police, the team came to the scene and detained DK. After issuing a statement at the public prosecutor’s office, DK was released and his mother, Ilkay Kayam, removed her son from detention.

There was a decision to stop last Thursday, but DK brought two guns home and left them to his mother. Ann Kayam also took the gun to the police on Friday and handed them over. Then DK threatened his mother. A young woman left in the park for fear of her death now demanded that her child go to jail for psychological treatment.

“Let me go to a beautiful school”

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that DK wanted to read in an interview with the 0054hlas News Agency on November 6, 2019. At the time, he said he wanted to be a computer engineer, and DK used the following statement:

“I got a perfect score of 500 on the level test. I want to be a computer engineer, but I don’t have the opportunity. Please ask the authorities to listen to me and go to a good school. I want to study.”

He has not been arrested for his age

Her mother, Ilkay Kayam, said she had shot her with a gun, so she decided to be suspended.He returned home last month, fired two ammunition at me, and I called the police. Then I decided to protect my child. Then he stabbed the deputy principal of a private school. The next day he went home again and made the scene again. I always go to the police station. He will eventually shoot me. There is also a threatening message he sent to me. I give them all to the police station, but the boy is never arrested. He was called a minor and was sent. ” He said.

The mother, Ilkay Kayam, who wanted her son to go to jail, said:

“I am waiting for help from the state. This child should be taken, he needs psychological treatment. He attacks the person who comes in front of him. I am a prosecutor Asked, I said,’This kid attacks the person who comes in front of him, a suicide bomber is walking in front of him.’ The prosecutor said nothing because he was a minor. I said I couldn’t.

“He had a motorcycle accident and it happened.”

Four years ago, her mother, Kayam, said she was very smart and diligent. “This kid got 500 points on a level test taken at a private educational institution in 2016 and the class was very good. He had a motorcycle accident, and this is what happened. He still wants a bike. He brings back guns and ammunition. I’m constantly threatened. Who should I go to? Who should I ask for help? Said.

“I’m looking at the street in my clothes”

Kayam, who claimed that he brought a gun to his house, despite the detention order for his son, “He took the guns home on Thursday,” he said, “if something happens to these guns, you’ll get a bullet in your head. Then he leaves home. The next day, I took a gun to the police station and handed it over. Now he is constantly threatening me. I am leaving the house and staying in the park. I am afraid of death and clothes I walk down the street wearing a gun. I have nowhere to go. Take this child to prison. He attacks the person who comes in front of him and he is not punished because he is a minor. He too. I know that. “ I used the phrase.