“I want good results” – TRT Spor


Fenerbahçe will be Autila Wien’s guest in tomorrow’s first match of the UEFA Europa League play-off tour. Fenerbahçe coach Jorge Jesus and footballer Gustavo Enrique made statements at the pre-match press conference tomorrow at 22.00 CET.

Jorge Jesus said he wants to return to Istanbul with a good result.A tough game is expected tomorrow. The opponent is stronger than Slovak. Vienna is a prestigious European team. Tomorrow they will surely try to torture us. However, we were fully prepared so that we could have a good match.I want to leave a good result before the match in Istanbul‘ He said.

Jesus also spoke about the situation of Alioski, Irfan Kan Kavech and Mert Hakan Yandash.Of course, I can’t say I’m in perfect shape. This is also normal. Alioski did not play in any competitions this season. Irfan Kang and Mert have returned from long-term injuries. It is natural that he is not in the physical condition to withstand the intensity of the game. The league and European matches will be an opportunity for the players who could not participate in most of the training during the preparation period to get in shape. I know it’s a risk, but I have no choice. ” He said.

Noting that the yellow-dark blue team has fallen below its well-deserved position in the European rankings in recent years, an experienced technician said:Fenerbahçe plays with me to win every match. The goal is to beat whoever the opponent is. That’s why we go out on the field. I say this regardless of the Vienna match. If you look at his two team rankings in Europe, you’ll see they’re very low. Fenerbahçe doesn’t deserve a place in the recent rankings. Our goal is to stay with the group. This is a two stage match. Tomorrow is the first match, and I want to leave a good result.” Said.

Noting that they did their best to be better offensively, Jesus said:


“Fenerbahçe have only played two games in the league. We are at the start of the season. It has been eight weeks since we started working together. I would be fooling myself if I said, “There are still things to improve. I scored a goal and I’m working hard to improve attackingly.”

Noting that he will have the opportunity to change teams for tomorrow’s game, Jesus concluded by saying:

“A team that plays games every three days should definitely change the first 11. This is also true for Fenerbahçe, as there is not enough time for players to recover between two games. This is not a new situation.We are not building a team of 11 people.The staff gives us enough opportunities to make changes.It will be the same tomorrow.

“We expect a tough game tomorrow.”

Gustavo Henrique said a difficult match awaits them.“We expect a difficult game tomorrow. We know our opponents very well. We have done a video analysis. Tomorrow will be difficult, as in all Europa League games. Our aim is to play well. That’s it, concentration is high.” We worked hard. I want to go home with good results. ” used his statement.

“I am very happy to be here”

The Brazilian defender expresses his joy at Fenerbahçe“I am very happy to be here. From the moment I first came here, my teammates really liked me. They are all great players. “Our teacher brought me here and he asked me to come here” “I was so happy he wanted me too. Good development process. I We are getting better week by week. We want to have a good season and make our fans happy. He said.