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Trabzonspor, the last champions to win the Turksel Super Cup after defeating Sivasspor 4-0 at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, threw a party after the match. Abdullah Avchu, who turned 59 in his room in his locker, was given his coach a surprise on his birthday. with his family the location of your photo birthday cake he bought very experienced thank you coach in his speech He wanted a new trophy.

this city makes me happy
Emphasizing that their success is very important, Avcı said: “You and together, in this town to be in this energy Me too it makes you happyvery nice we win things, we continue. new story write more we must hopewe start from this game we did” Said.

you give the greatest gift
Trabzonspor’s technical director, recalling the start of the Super League with Istanbulspor’s match on Friday, said: “First the league, then to the Champions League start.short term These are our goals.to these We know we’ll get there.my one of the best gifts for One is the trophy I received today. Thank you everyone” used a phrase

TRABZON’s local media praised Trabzonspor for winning the Super Cup for the third time in history. In the Black Sea, the Sonnokta newspaper titled “Proudly Present Superman” and the Günebakış newspaper used the phrase “Trabzon Super Master of Cups”. The Taka Shimbun called Trabzonspor the “King of Cups” on its first page.

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After beating Sivasspor to win the Super Cup in Istanbul, are Trabzonspor ready for the Superleague?


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Trezeguet crosses Nwakaemé
to me
According to Trabzonspor, the Turkish League is ready. Of course, I say this after looking at other important competitors. But European lanes definitely readydark. All our teams failed to achieve the desired consistency at the beginning of the season. Looking at Trabzonspor’s big picture against Sivasspor, I can give my opinion in several ways . trezeguet me From seaweed useful. Because Trezeguet is an effective winger, although not everyone may agree. He also performs defensive duties. He wants Cornelius to open an important parenthesis. He is a very useful striker. He fits in well with his club. He is a strong and powerful goalscorer. The professionalism of footballers in the northern country is already at the forefront. Hunters have a warning. If Hamsik, Bakasetas and Abdülkadir Ömür formed a trio in a European match, the result would be disappointing.

Ali Gürtiken
this team dominates the game
What can be said for certain is that Trabzonspor look the most prepared of the teams to start the season. Previous super cup night to the staff sit down and look played together And who knows what you’re playing team image they repeated. They start the league with this advantage. It’s very clear. The main issue at the moment is the debate over whether the valuable players on hand should be transferred to other teams. beyond that to me According to Trabzonspor serious problem can not be displayed. Replays of these games are frequently shown as soon as the league starts. Trabzonspor will dominate the game and will be the team to score in every match played inside and outside. This season’s championship also stands out as the league’s most ambitious team.

Erman Trogl
He doesn’t play quickly and gives defensive deficits

abdullah Avcı says, ‘We win trophies all the time’… he’s right! But I look at it from a different angle. won the trophy in Turkey, okay champ I don’t care if I can’t go to the league you are not. Fenerbahçe failed. Trabzonspor is now in the test. What happens when you get the Turkish League? Story… A Ukrainian team that has been out of the market for a year is trying to eliminate the huge Fenerbahçe for us by footballers playing from their infrastructure. Our team is playing a friendly game. They don’t want to lose. why?audience psychology Don’t break. What did Trabzonspor do? He played on the Self-Impact team and was defeated. What did the same Trabzon then do?In the Super Cup, he saw his opponent for the first time in his opening 20 minutes, and with the tempo up he scored a four. So what will Trabzonspor do in the league? definitely a champion play. Will he go to the Champions League? Trabzonspor, which I watched the day before, is a difficult one. why? Because they don’t hit fastballs. They also inflict a deficit on defense against opponents coming soon. For example Trezeguet… If you use it well, it’s very profitable. How? This player can go to his opponent with the ball and play doubles. He’s also a fast player. So how do we use it? Throw lots of balls to avoid fighting opponents outside the penalty area. Make a deep pass near the penalty area. Because if he enters the penalty area, the opponent will either leave or get a penalty. If you throw the ball to the center, you will come to the penalty area and run out of strength by fighting with two or three people. Did Trabzon get enough efficiency out of him in the Sivas match? No… still time to win in team play. If you say, “Brother, what is the Champions League to me, the Turkish league is enough”, then Turkish football will come back every year. . Last year’s league leader Trabzon and Cup his champion Sivas are playing Superhis Cup in both July and his 30th. So many people are on vacation. The stadium holds at least 55,000 spectators. So where are Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas, what we call a very big team? They brag about their history. Granted, all three are great teams, but my dad was also blond and green-eyed when he was younger. he is dead now I don’t understand, can you explain? You are not offended and you are not deceiving your audience. Don’t put people to sleep by saying things like “the ball was in the crown and the referee didn’t foul”. Otherwise, the team whose finals will be played in Anatolia, in Istanbul he will play to 50-60 thousand people.