“I received a’buy a club’email from the UK”-TRT Spor

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich launched Chelsea, one of his well-established clubs in the United Kingdom, for sale on February 27th. Bitlis businessman Muhsin Bayrak has contacted club officials. Later, attorney Berivan Erdogan, who went to London on behalf of the company, and Vevi Kebser, the European representative of the company, began a meeting with club officials. Recently, the British government has announced that Abramovich’s assets have been frozen. After the sale of the club was discontinued, Mugsin Bayrak issued a press statement in the Bodrum district of Muğla.

“This problem has plagued us a lot.”

Muhsin Bayrak emphasized that he has reached the final stage of sales, saying: “Our friends have been in the Chelsea purchasing process for 15 days in both England and Turkey, and law firms are following this process. On February 27, after three days of work, contact was established. Negotiations have begun. The sale of Chelsea has not yet been announced and there is information. The excellence of Turkish companies has caused a great deal of turmoil in the world. No one has such an initiative coming from Turkey. I couldn’t imagine. We blocked the company. After making a formal application, the UK took steps to counter Abramovic’s assets in a nightly operation, a problem that disturbs the goodwill of international law. So, as a Turkish, if I buy a Chelsea football club, which law would I follow to buy the club and invest in it if the property of the club owner was confiscated? ” Said.

“They don’t want Turkey to buy a club.”

“Wars can occur in one country, but the property of businessmen who are citizens of that country must not be confiscated in another,” Bailak said.

“This issue has seriously confused us. We have agreed to the price. Already £ 1 billion has been covered by the UK fund. The infrastructure is ready and everything Prepared. We will take over the remaining amount in the club’s debt. Sponsorship. The remaining money was in Turkey. This work will be completed in a week. Freezing of Abramovic’s assets from the British government There was a previous statement about. It was stated that it would be discussed on the 14th. A Turkish company came in here and some things officially came out from him and then the world is worried. They don’t want Turkey to buy a club Everyone should know that the Republic of Turkey is a very big state Very serious Businessmen get out of this state and we are all over the world As a Turkish, the colors of my world are red and white. I always wave the Turkish flag that way and make it feel its power in every country. I’m going. If this job is canceled because I’m a Turkish businessman, I’m honored. “

“Emails received from the club and the UK Department of Commerce”

Byrak said the value of the club has diminished. “Today I received an email from both the club and the UK Government. I received an email from the UK Department of Commerce saying” I can buy a club. ” Investor assets have been confiscated. Which UK law do you use? Do you trust to go buy a soccer club? We didn’t answer. I will talk with my friend Abramovich today as well. The world now knows that Turkish companies have power. We are following the process. The value of the club has dropped. It’s incredible now. Only players are guaranteed to be paid their salary and there are no other guarantees. If there is a price change, we will meet again. ” He said.