“I present the championship to the martyrs”-TRTSpor

Korkmatsu said: “This story, which ended in a championship, has some parts in 96 years of history. I don’t go back too far. I go back 14 years. I was a young coach of Fenerbahce Infrastructure. When I decided to work professionally, Ömer Saraylıoğlu told me in 2009 to make me the head of the youth team so that the deceased could rest in peace while he was waiting. I called. I refused my uncle Omel’s offer because I wanted to work professionally. Fourteen years later, at the invitation of my nephew Ömer Saraylıoğlu, our partnership came to this day. Istanbul Spor In fact, the concept of production, balanced budget management, and the strengthening of corporate identity that we are always talking about is a club that meets the needs of Turkish football. Maybe there is only one drawback. , The stands aren’t very full. But I look like this. It’s a club of people who aren’t planning to return home, who call their hometown first. 14 or 15 year olds in Istanbul who aren’t thinking about returning home. Greetings to High School Martyrs. May our championship be a gift to all Martyrs. Istanbul Spor is a big event that has left a mark on its productive identity and our collective memory. With color, we can be the first team of everyone who does not plan to return home. We will do our best to continue competing for the same identity. “

“We played the most modern football throughout the season.”

In response to a question about the difference between the two teams’ matches, Korkmatsu said: We have not abandoned the gaming culture that we have created and matured for nine months. In the final, you have to play under very high pressure. Opponents felt more final pressure than we did. Whether it’s the finals, the cup finals, the league finals, or anywhere, we’ve always been playing mature games for months. That is why we have been strengthened. No one should misunderstand it, but we were the most modern and eye-catching footballers of the First League throughout the season. While trying to play, we also admitted a simple goal, but did not change the composition of the game to protect the result. We insisted on our game and matured it. This game took us to the Super League in the final. I won’t give up on this in the Super League. “

Advice to Kocaelispor: “Take us as an example of corporate operations”

Regarding lifting the championship trophy in the field of demoted Kocaelispor, the young coach said: Because it has a great fan base. A large community. But I think these big communities, like us, should strengthen their organizational structure and take an example from the success built on their plans. Championships aren’t just about popular moves and big transfers. The championship comes with the correct settings. When we lost to Kocaelispor in the first few weeks of the league, we were confident that we would finish the league at the top. I don’t feel much enthusiasm today either. That’s what I was waiting for. “If we weren’t real champions, I would have suffered a great deal of destruction,” he said.

“His fans launched the Bandırmaspor Championship March next year.”

Opening special parentheses for Bandırmaspor fans, Korkmaz said: Because they didn’t leave the stadium. They called the losing team to the stand and applauded. I think it was a move that started next year’s Championship March. I hope the club can set it up correctly. “

Bandırmaspor front

Mustafa Gulsel, technical director of Bandur Maspol returning from the Super League gate, said: I would like to thank the players who have been with me for 11 months for their hard work and personality. I pay tribute to your efforts. Thank you to all the fans. Thank you for their support during the season and after the match. The Super League will look great on them. It didn’t happen this year. I don’t talk much about games. When you watch the match, one wins and the other loses. Happily, he became a rival. Congratulations. The VAR referee oversaw the match throughout the game. He didn’t tell. VAR has made all the decisions. There is nothing to talk about too many matches. There was no referee. The outcome of the game was completely determined by the decision made by VAR. You need to know what the VAR recognizes and what it doesn’t. The result of the match was revealed in the position. We are sad. Bandırmaspor couldn’t get through this door this year, but next year he wants to reopen this door with these fans and move on to the Super League. The Super League fits this administration very well with these fans. I couldn’t do it this year, but I’ll do my best to achieve it in the next few years. ” In a question about the final points of the match, Gulsel said: It stood a bit that way as the Istanbul team supported it and scored. If we had scored in our favor, it would have been the opposite and we would have stood more together. Because now is the last. You have nothing to lose with this. Since there are no matching points, it is normal to give them a deficit. Because there is no place to wait. Match Elimination Match. The winner will be the champion. It was entirely about him. If we could raise the score to 1-0, those decisions would be in our favor, and if we were ahead, the shape of the game would have changed completely. “