I hope the operation ends by signing a large number of documents

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey ViklovHe expressed his hope that Russia’s operations in Ukraine would end with the signing of a comprehensive document on security issues and the status of Ukraine’s neutral nation.

At the end of the “Russian leader” competition, Viklov said Russia was forced to carry out its operations, thus confusing the Western anti-Russian project.

Viklov, “I hope that the operation will end by signing a comprehensive document on the topics I have raised as security issues, Ukraine’s neutral status, and its security guarantees.” Said.

Viklov pointed out that Russia is ready to cooperate with the West as an ally, saying:

“From the beginning of Putin’s administration, in the early 2000s, we were open to the west and were ready to cooperate in various ways, even the way the president said he was close to the alliance. Unfortunately, that worked. Could not.”

“Despite the US’s attempt to retain Kyiv, negotiations for a solution with Ukraine continue.”

“”We have always been in favor of diplomatic solutions to all kinds of problems. When Zelensky proposed negotiations, our president agreed and negotiations are continuing.“Lavlov said, continuing his words:

“The Ukrainian delegation first started the negotiations as negotiations, and then certain dialogues took place, but I think someone” probably didn’t let the Americans accept our request. In his view, it was absolutely minimal. “

Russian diplomat, “Despite everything, the process continues.” He said.

“It’s hard to take Zelensky’s policy seriously.”

Viklov, “While President Zelensky was explaining how to become a Jewish Nazi, he said this just the day Ukraine resolutely withdrew from the treaty on the preservation of monuments to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War (such an agreement). Is a CIS framework), and I’m very sorry to do this while personally maintaining the trends I mentioned. I’m embarrassed, I really take the policies of the Ukrainian administration seriously. Is difficult.” Emphasis added:

“Similarly, in the first stages of the president’s power, he reminds him that Russian can be somehow harmed, even while playing in the theater and filming a television series. I assured me that I didn’t cross it. Now, life proves how valuable the word is. “

“We do not take the initiative to improve our relationship with the West.”

Russian Minister, “Of course, we remain open to cooperation with all countries, including Western countries. We are not going to take action in situations where the West behaves this way, but how to get out of the deadlock they have entered. Let’s take a look.” He said.

“West’s actions make it unreliable.”

Viklov, “Even if the situation with Ukraine and the sanctions are separated, Western actions confirm that it is unreliable as part of the world where major currencies are produced, as an economic partner, and as a country of gold. You can save more and more reserves. Obviously, these will be stolen. ” I used the phrase.

At the end of the “Russian Leaders” tournament, Viklov said Russia had no choice but to carry out operations in this way.He said they succeeded in confusing the Western anti-Russian project... ”

Recalling that Moscow delivered its security proposal and that the West refused to discuss NATO issues with Ukraine, Viklov said:In these situations, when the bombardment began in Donbus, ready for battle, we had no choice but to protect the Russians in Ukraine. Knowing DHC (People’s Republic of Donetsk) and LHC (People’s Republic of Lugansk), they signed a mutual aid agreement, and the President ordered a special military operation at their request.“He continued to say.

“How our worst concerns are confirmed about plans to seize Donbus, which may have been prepared and avoided by special operations, and new facts that indicate the existence of a very dangerous military biological program. I’m sure you know it. It was done by the Department of Defense in many cities in Ukraine. “

Focusing on the Western hysterical and unique reaction to the operation, Viklov said: “This all proves one thing. The” anti-Russia “project is thwarted by a strategy decided by the president to secure the people of Donbus and eliminate the threat of re-arming and Nazism to Russia. it was done. When they realize that our lines are helping to disrupt their plans, we can see how they break the chain. ” I used the phrase.

“Currently, cooperation between Russia and China will only be strengthened.”

Mr Viklov said the interaction between China and Russia would be strengthened in a situation where the West would shake all the foundations of the international system.Of course, I think this cooperation will be even stronger now. Because the West is shaking the foundations of the international system so much that we have to think about how we should continue this world as two great nations. I emphasized.

Russian diplomats have emphasized that Moscow-Beijing relations have reached unprecedented high levels, even beyond traditional alliances.