I have a problem with inflation.Don’t worry we get over it

Minister of Finance Nuredin Nabati, AKP gave a lecture at Sanliurfa State Advisory Board. Regarding the inflation problem, Nabati said, “There is a problem with inflation. Don’t worry, overcome it, overcome it, and no one has suppressed or suppressed inflation.”

Nevaty also touched on police inspection attempts by foreign investors at a trade fair in Istanbul.While we hold a fair in Istanbul and try to sell the machines produced at the fair, they tell us why you are dealing with bureaucracy, foreign entrepreneurs and city police in front of us. Foreign customers who are trying to prevent our exports by putting. ” I used a phrase.

Nabata, “Today, Turkey has become one of the most powerful nations in the world and one of the nations at the table, not the power of our region due to the measures it has taken. Don’t be upset, don’t be sad. We are all looking for an ideal. The flag does not go down and the prayer does not silence. Let them hit their heads against the wall. ” He said.

After his speech here, Nevati met with representatives of Sanliurfa Business World to introduce GES and the irrigation canal project. Nabataeans “It will carry out 253 projects in the fields of SPP and agricultural irrigation, providing 830,000 hectares of land and water together.‘ He said.

The remarks of Minister Nabati are as follows.

“There is a war in the Black Sea. They tell us what are you going to do and how are you going to overcome this? If we told you two or twenty years ago, We say we will overcome the difficulties This country and our colleagues are doing the same now.

“This country has grown stronger despite pessimists and has left its mark in the 21st century.”

We have a problem with inflation, don’t worry, we will overcome it, we will. Increase confidence in the Turkish lira. We take the Turkish economy out of the interest exchange framework and run with a keen leader who trusts his country to govern the country in a predictable and stable way, and will continue to overcome all problems. This picture of pride is from the AK Party in Turkey, all of us.

Let people who spread fake news on social media stay in their trolls and pessimism and keep eating each other, the country is growing and developing despite them. Despite being pessimists, the country has become stronger and stronger, leaving its mark in the 21st century. With all the policies implemented by our government, this country comes from that problem. On the day our president announced the Turkish economic model, those who said, “Yes, I’m leaving this time,” hit the wall after 19.00. During the epidemic, he said he would increase exports, increase production, not increase, reduce unemployment, and conversely people would go out on the streets. What’s wrong? They hit their heads against the wall.

“We didn’t and will never suppress anyone with inflation.”

Exports exceeding $ 22.5 billion are cumulative exports reaching $ 23.2 billion as of the end of February last year. Oil prices are rising, commodity prices are rising, the world is on the verge of inflation, and we are overcoming them together. Overcome this tension in the Black Sea, just as it overcame inflation. Do not allow. If they are opportunistic and are thinking of making high profits by moving prices the way they want, we oppose the inflation team and them. Remember to overcome all kinds of bureaucratic obstacles that block the way. You can’t prevent entrepreneurs and investors in this country.

“They are trying to block our exports.”

Attempting to hold a fair in Istanbul and sell machines produced at the fair, explain why it is dealing with bureaucracy and try to block exports by placing a city police in front of foreign entrepreneurs. increase. Our foreign customers, this is their understanding. “Put obstacles, block roads, people don’t do business,” just as they send news abroad. Our Finance Minister is coming, if our Minister says put a barrier in front of them, we will remove all the barriers and barriers there. Our municipalities, along with the city police, say, “What can we do in front of us, what can we do in front of us?”

Both politicians, bureaucrats and mayors of the AKP government of the Republic of Turkey have one task.Understand and act on whatever the interests of this country need“”

“There will always be good things in this country, don’t worry about it.”

“At this point, Turkey is no longer the power of our region due to the measures it has taken, but has become one of the most important and powerful nations in the world, one at the table. Don’t be upset. Don’t be upset. We are all pursuing our ideals. The flag never goes down, the prayer call is not silenced. Let your head hit the wall. Good things happen. Budget discipline. We have reduced the VAT of basic foods to 1%. We will continue to support farmers and producers. Go to London, Paris, Gulf or Japan. Where the country’s interests are needed. Go. Turkey has risen third. Place on the ease of creating a business index. “