“I feel like I’m at home”-TRTSpor

Brazilian midfielder Lincoln Enrique, who Fenerbahce had tied to his color for four years from the Portuguese team Santa Clara before the new season, made a statement on the club’s television.

First, Henrique conveys his feelings and “I am very happy to be here. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am very happy to represent a great club. I am very confident in my teammates, coaches and myself now. We will do our best to reach our goals during the season. “ He said.

Henrique said he was very well received by his teammates and said: “There are a lot of experienced and talented players on our team. They welcomed me very much. I am relaxing here. Over time we will make each other better. You’ll get to know it better. Everyone here works hard for the success of their teammates, and basically for the success of their team. “ I used a phrase.

“I came here in return for a good job.”

Regarding the transfer process, Brazilian players said:

“There were other teams that wanted me at the time, but when I heard the offer from Fenerbahce, I wanted to come here. I’ve been to Turkey before and here I had a successful season. After that season I would like to play for a big team like Fenerbahce. It wasn’t possible at the time, but I did my best to continue studying and paying for it today. Got it. I came here in return for a good job. I’m so happy. “

“Jorge Jesus is a coach who maximizes the players.”

Sharing his thoughts on Jorge Jesus, Henrique said, “I was talking to him before he came. I’ve already played against him. I’m honored to work with him. I have the opportunity to work with such a coach. So I think everyone on this team feels that way. He’s a coach who really pulls the best out of the players. He wants the same from everyone. He’s a really great person and A great coach. I’m sure I’ll have a good season with him. ” I made a statement.

“Jesus is almost a perfectionist.”

Emphasizing that Jorge Jesus pays close attention to the details, Brazilian soccer players say: “Details are very important in football life. Details always make a difference. That’s why we must be happy to be able to work with such a teacher. He is a detail. He keeps giving us details. Almost a perfectionist. He always strives to get the best out of the actor. Success in this way is There is no mistake.” He said.

Regarding his style of play, Lincoln said:

“I’m an aggressive midfielder. I think my pass and shoot skills are good. I think I’m good at using my body and I’m fine. I’m not good at explaining myself. , I usually prefer to show in the field. Of course I have drawbacks, but I’m working hard to get rid of them. ”

“We continue to work in the strictest way.”

A successful soccer player who also evaluates according to the goals of the team, “Our goal is clear. This club plays every tournament that competes to become a champion. We are also working hard. We continue to work hard to reach our goal. increase.” He said.

“We are preparing Dynamo Kyiv in the best possible way.”

Brazilian player who also spoke about rival Dynamo Kyiv in the second round of the Champions League qualifying “Like every game, it’s going to be a tough match. We’re preparing in the best possible way. It doesn’t matter who your opponent is. Whoever it is, we Will continue to work in the best possible way so that you can win every match you play. I made that evaluation.

“Almost all of my family comes from a football background.”

He said the football player he hired as an idol was Ronaldinho Gaucho, and the successful midfielder told the story of his start in football in the following words:

“Most of my family has a football background. My dad used to play football. He had a small team he owns. My brothers play football. I couldn’t go another way. I entered Gremio early. I used to play football, but I kept feeling better on the court. “

“Soccer represents love and passion for me.”

Lincoln states that football represents his love and passion for him. “I don’t know if there are any actors who don’t think so, but in fact, it’s hard to do at work. From the outside, it may seem easy, but I’m busy with work. Career advancement can be difficult. I really love football. I think most players think so. Soccer represents my love and passion for me. I’m already based in football I’m from my family and grew up that way. When I was little, the only gift I wanted was a soccer ball. I slept on a soccer ball too. I can say I loved soccer and grew up. “ I used a phrase.

“I am a very family-friendly and calm person.”

Regarding his personality, the 23-year-old actor used the following statement:

“I am a very family-friendly and calm person. I am married and have two children. My family is all about me. I always do my best for both my profession and my family. I’m exhausted. They are all of me and I need them. I live a religious and quiet life. For my profession, I live a less active life I try not to. “

“Shirt competition is fierce every season”

Lincoln Enrique also touched on the jersey competition. “This season will be as tough as every season. Especially when you play for the country’s largest team, there are really great soccer players and every player wants to show themselves. The competition in Jersey is fierce every season. Everyone will do their best to get a chance to play. “ He said.

“We really need fans”

Finally, Lincoln Enrique addressed the fans, “Thanks for the warm welcome they gave me. We need them terribly. We want them to support us all the time. We want to win everything this season. I want to win every match. Our work is going well. They will definitely be the driving force when they fill the stadium and support us enthusiastically. Will do their best to make them happy. “ He concludes with his own words.