I don’t want torpedoes, play like a lion

President Galatasaray Black diamondRegarding the postponement of the Besiktas game, he commented, “I don’t need torpedoes. I play like a lion.”

Galatasaray returned from Barcelona and demanded a postponement of Besiktas Derby in terms of bad weather and country scores. However, the Besiktas side did not actively approach this requirement.President Besiktas Ahmet Null Sebi In his statement, he said the match could be played at Vodafone Park if Galatasaray so desires.

President Galatasaray’s Burak Elmas responded to Sebi.

Brak Elmas said he didn’t want torpedoes. “We’re not saying we’re a little careful, we’re just saying they shouldn’t obscure us. At this point, if it can be played, Ali Sami Yen’s” Lions Waiting for rivals like. Nef Stadium at 20:00 on Monday! “ I used the phrase.

The full text of Brak Elmas is:

“We submitted an application to the Turkish Football Federation on March 11, 2022 for the postponement of the Galatasaray-Besiktas match scheduled for Monday, March 14, 2022. Some Besiktas managers and supporters have expressed negative opinions on this matter, but I will follow it. At this point, we have a say in our application regarding the postponement. I feel that we have a duty to remind everyone who is. It is the main rule that must not be changed and to ensure financial equal competition, “We represent Turkey in Europe. We need some credit and benefits. “We need to be tolerant of the limits.” He demanded in words and thought it would be harmless to break these rules towards the country point. .. Honesty to follow the rules is important. Galatasaray, who continues to fight undefeated in Europe, does not need to be supported!They misunderstood us at this point … they usually do not understand our war of providing Turkey with a +1 quota by raising the +1 quota to Turkey.

The season started with the words “country point, country point”, so I couldn’t score goals in Europe as well as points. They don’t know Galatasaray because they forgot to win in Europe. The main reason for this postponement application. -It’s extreme weather that puts off many league games and stops living in Istanbul. -In these unusual situations due to heavy snowfall, it is clear that there is no ground to handle two games in three days. -Furthermore, the main problem is that our team is still unable to reach Istanbul … that is, our team, who had a rational and decisive battle with Barcelona at Camp Nou on Thursday night, is still back in Istanbul. Is not … I can’t seem to go home during the day. In the current situation, at his house on Sunday. In other words, it is not yet clear if he will return to Istanbul. -The fair competitive environment has disappeared for reasons other than us. -For Turkish football, it is our team’s desire to be 100% ready for the match before the most important struggle of recent years on the European stage.

As mentioned in the application, all the successes we achieve in the Europa League during this difficult time we are experiencing as Turkish football are of irreplaceable value to our country’s score. The quarterfinals will give great hope, confidence and morale to our entire country, even in the final possible journey. We are at a time when the terms “change,” “transformation,” and “clean slate” are most commonly used in Turkish football. And now we have passed the test of integrity of these words. On the other hand, even if the application is not accepted, we will play like a lion. And check it. We do not get angry or have a grudge. Tomorrow, when a similar situation occurs, when Turkish football needs the will of Galatasaray. We are by our country, Turkish sports, and our eternal friends. This is inherited from our founder. This is a requirement of Galatasaray’s values ​​taught to us by the legendary president who has proudly raised this flag to this day. It is these values ​​that have created Galatasaray for 117 years. I will emphasize it again. We don’t want “torpedoes” from anyone. Don’t cast shadows on them! At this point, we are waiting to play like “Lions” at Arisami Yen at Nef Stadium on Monday at 20:00! “

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