I don’t think people will go left or right this year.

“We need to increase the number of summer sports schools a little more. What’s so important is why we call them sports schools. I don’t think the country can go,” said Ekrem Imamoul, president of 0054BB, who instructed the managers of 0054BB. . On vacation (during vacation) due to financial process ”


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“I don’t think the country can go left or right because of the economic process,” Ekrem Imamogur, president of the Istanbul Metropolitan Area (IMM), instructed IMM managers to increase the number of summer schools.

Ağaçve Peyzaj A.Ş, a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Has opened the 11th Garden Market in the city of Atashe Hill.

At the opening of the Bahçe Market, which was launched at Ataşehir Boulevard, CHP Vice President Adıgüzel, 0054BB President Ekrem וmamoğlu, Ataşehir Mayor Battal וlgezdi, IYI Party President Buğra Kavuncu of Istanbul, and Ağaç General Manager Ali Sukas I did.

At the request of Mayor Atashehir, Bataru Irgesdi, he said he had opened the facility, and Imamoul said in his speech: Great service of our company. Such places are not only markets, but are arranged like green spaces, and their beauty and environmental morale are valuable. Not only shopping, but walking around like this and getting to know the flowers and tree species there will help you to come here. Istanbul is not just for people. Recalling the many creatures that live on land and in the sea, Imamoul said: “We must not forget that we are also part of the world. In other words, if we do not develop good feelings on behalf of the country, we will not be useful to the world.”

“Choice of our test location”

Emphasizing that they have begun a second participatory budgeting effort, 0054 mamoğlu said:

“Despite our citizens, we are not stubborn in doing certain things. We cannot be stubborn because we do not own property. We own property, society, citizens. People who do. Not individuals, not people. Managers are Citizens, managers are temporary. We have been elected for five years. If we are good, we will be elected again. Battal Bey Was elected in the third election. It means that we have won the reputation of our citizens and have been elected. Therefore, the choice is our test site, but five years before that. In this respect, it is never possible to ignore citizens. Different opinions cannot be ignored, nor can they be separated from each other as “choices” or “non-choices.” Of course, service to voters is important. They voted because they are your supporters. But do you know what the basis of democracy is? The main thing is to protect the rights of those who did not vote for you. It’s about being more sensitive to those who didn’t vote for you. Democracy is very special to him. In fact, in order for our country and our country to always meet beauty, it is essential to advocate the most courageous democratic movement. “

“I have a huge building floor for me”

Sharing the view from the platform he spoke to, Imamoul said: A building of millions of square meters. By building a building and carrying Ziraat Bank, the central bank headquartered in Ankara, this and that would be called “Istanbul, the financial center of the world”. Okay; it will, let me do it. Make it a trading center. Let this be the cultural center of the world. Let’s make this the capital of art in the world. Excellent in everything. However, you cannot build a financial center in that building. Managing a good economy cannot be achieved by building buildings or palaces. It is possible to have a qualified manager there. The reason for raising your salary in the evening and in the morning is that your daily life is higher. Of course, there are challenges in the world. Of course, there are some inevitable difficulties in the world. But he is not alone. How do you need to get out of it with minimal damage? How can I improve the economy? Not these buildings. You can make it possible by including sane and professional people in it. In that regard, our country needs beautiful geography, green spaces, parks, and a beautiful order and beautiful process that qualified people have the opportunity. “

“Yenikapi” call for citizens

He stated that he understood and acted on equal service to the 39 districts of Istanbul, reminding him to complete the third year of his mission on June 23. “I wish I could announce the anniversary on March 31st,” Imamoul said.

“But they insisted,” You hit us twice. ” We hit it twice. Together, we have won a great struggle against this handful of people, along with the struggle of precious people, whether or not they voted. June 23rd is her anniversary. We look forward to welcoming you to Yenikapi on June 23rd. Do you know why? We welcome all people. There you will find out about IMM companies that have never been offered before, are probably not offered, or you do not know. What services do they offer and what do they achieve despite any difficulties? Get to know the roof of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality itself. Get to know their affiliates. So get to know 0054SK0054 and 0054ETT. How much volume do you actually have? How strong are you? When we stand up together, realize that you are the organization that has the founding and power in front of the most important cities in the world. Let’s enjoy there. “Please join us on this anniversary of June 23rd,” he says.

Instructions to the IMM administrator

After the opening of the garden market, 0054 mamoğlu also tested at the قBB sports facility in Ataşehir Esatpaşa Mahallesi.

To the manager of וBB, 0054 mamoğlu said, “We need to increase the number of summer sports schools a little more. It’s very important. Why do you call it a sports school? For financial reasons, the country can go left and right. I don’t think. Process. “

“We need to prepare the sea, beaches, and sports schools in Istanbul. We need to make our children happy,” said Imamogur.

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