I didn’t like the Ataturk monument in Bagsila Square

The sculptor Jatin Nuriev created a monument, which caused controversy because it did not resemble Ataturk. The sculptor opposed the reaction, saying, “I wanted to touch Ataturk’s dream.”

Last November, the Plaza for Democracy and National Will was opened on July 15 in the Vercular district of Istanbul, and after the renovation work, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Ekrem Imamoul, participated.

The Ataturk monument was deleted during the renovation work carried out during the previous period, but the square has a new monument with an Ataturk relief prepared by the sculptor Jatin Nuriev.

They didn’t like Ataturk

During the rehearsal of the demonstration on March 18, the square monument caused controversy.

Many citizens could not compare the Ataturk monument to Ataturk.

ViDEO was disliked at the Ataturk monument in Bağcılar Square

“We are at least like ATATÜRK”

In response to the monument, he said he came to Bağcılar for business, said Orkun Gümüş, “I don’t think the monument was very beautiful. He doesn’t look like Ataturk. I noticed it was bad, I think it could have been better. At least he. Can be compared to the Ataturk. The effort must be respected, but I didn’t like it. “ Said.

Servet Kazan, who has lived in Bağcılar for 15 years, “It doesn’t look exactly like Ataturk. There was one in front and behind, it was like a copy. Now you can see the differences in his nose, facial expressions, etc. I’m comparing now No one is clear. “ I used the phrase.


0054smail Ça vuşoğlu, who has lived in the district for over 20 years “I couldn’t guess he was Ataturk. Maybe I didn’t compare. I liked it, it was something different, but they didn’t compare it much.” He said.

Yusuf Uğurlu, who has lived in the district for 10 years, also said: “It wasn’t as beautiful as it used to be. The older one was better, I didn’t like it.” I used the phrase.

Necati Ay said he likes the monument. “I think it’s very good. It suits the environment. It’s good.” Said.

The Ataturk monument in Bağcılar Square was disliked # 2

“Maturity of Ataturk”

The IMM did not make a statement regarding the question asked about the square monument.

The sculptor Jatiin Nuriev, who was contacted by phone, pointed out that he did not build the monument by quoting a picture of Ataturk.

Nuriev, “This is more than just taking a picture of Ataturk and converting it to 3D, it’s not that simple. Ataturk’s maturity. In this study, I wanted to touch on Ataturk’s dream of the structure of society. We can call the work a relief. There is an Ataturk in the middle and a relief group behind the Ataturk. These are reliefs that symbolize culture and art, the development of science and technology, and agriculture. Ataturk was also a person who cared about the science of agriculture. I wanted to reflect that. ” Said.

I didn't like the Ataturk monument in Bağcılar Square # 3

“Everyone has the right to speak his opinion.”

Nuriev stated that he had prepared the monument in more than a year and that he worked with Ataturk 25 years ago to create several more works.

Nuriev, “No matter what is done, some people like it and others react. I know this and everyone has the right to speak their hearts, so I accept it.” I used the phrase.

The Ataturk monument in Bağcılar Square was disliked # 4

The artist’s comments may be retrieved as they have been added.

Lecturer and artist Seydi Murat Koç, saying he knows Ziyatin Nuriev who made the statue “The artist has a style in his work. You can see that style and style in this sculpture. You can see Ataturk with wide shoulders and big legs. Seeing such legs in Ziyatin Hodja’s work. The effect of relief may not be noticed by the audience. It may have been strange because I was always out of the familiar 3D and added the artist’s interpretation. Is required.” Said.

The Ataturk monument in Bağcılar Square was disliked # 5

“Open ballots can be voted”

He said that this type of sculpture required a senior or advisory board, and Kochi continued:

“You can take into account the work before the person who makes the statue. You can request a sketch of the work to be done here. Of course, the artist adds his own interpretation. In Bagcilar’s sculpture, the pose of the person. And big feet are the style of Ziyatin Hodja. You can receive comments and suggestions from the advisory board about such monumental sculptures used in the square. Such a committee can provide suggestions. It’s necessary in the way, but it’s not very involved. Perhaps you can do a public vote on all the statues. Art is very subjective. I want an expert to make a sculpture there. If so, you already agree with that. “