“I couldn’t sleep before”-TRT Spor


The 21-year-old player who answered the question at the Spanish camp of the black and white team “When such a big club wants you, of course you want to join that team. I can say I had the most stressful period of my life during the transfer process. I sleep Was lost. “ Said.

The young actor said, saying that some negative things he saw on social media sometimes upset his morale, “It feels so different to come here and play here. Not everyone has a chance to get this chance. It happened to me. So I’m very happy. I was a little stressed, but This situation made sense. It’s more valuable to me to come here. I can say that this was all I made. It’s a great atmosphere. I’ve watched many games at Vodafone Park before. When I went to the stadium when I was little, I said, “Can I play here?” “I was saying. I finally got the chance. I played against our fans. And hope you can be proud of them. ” I used a phrase.

“I know I’ve come to a very large community.”

Noting that Besiktas did not consider other offers after he became interested, Emre Can Uzunhan said:

“I don’t like being in an off-field environment. The people I needed during the transfer process negotiated for me. I didn’t know much about it. After that, with any team I didn’t want to have a relationship. I thought I could meet the needs of both management and coaches, so I asked Besiktas. I wanted to come here. “The club I want to do the most is Besiktas.” Happy ending after a long process. It’s a lot of fun to reach. I am very happy to be here. I know I’ve come to a very large community. The environment has really been Europe since I started my first training. time. There is an interdisciplinary work environment. The environment of friendship is very good. I am very fortunate to be part of the team. “


He said he believed he could improve himself in Besiktas, said the black-and-white player. “Our teacher Valerian Ismael and the Seihun (Kazanchi) brothers insisted on it. Thanks to our Presidents Ahmet Nuru Sebi and Seihun Abi. They are an important effort for my transfer. I was always ready to come to Besiktas. “Staff, everyone is working hard to take you to the next level. This is very important for young players. I have no I came here without hesitation or worrying about question marks. ” I made that evaluation.

“I’m ready to compete and I’m confident.”

Emre Can emphasized that he was ready to compete with Romain Saïss, Wellington Sousa and Francisco Montero, and continued:

“I’m ready to compete and I’m confident. There are many careers and experienced people. I’ll learn from their experience and talent. One feature I’m proud of If so, it’s my openness to learning. Here to improve my skills. I always want to get something from them. I hope. ”By succeeding in this, I myself Take yourself to the next level and be more useful to your team. Also, Valerian Ismael is a coach who played where I dreamed. He is the man who walked the way I wanted to go and fulfilled another mission. I have a lot to learn from him. Best from his experience. I want to learn as much as I can and stay here. I will do my best for this. I had no problem working hard until this age. I was injured, but I saw it. Occasionally, I was injured at work. Being more conscious of working hard and gaining more experience, I continue like this. The opportunity has come. If not, I aim not to remove the jersey. I hope this will happen as I said. Most important is the success of Besiktas. We support your team 100% whether you play or not. I hope Besiktas will be the champion of the year. I think it will be an adaptation process. This is the pinnacle of Turkish football as it is a club of very different sizes. I admit I’m new to this. But I think it will adapt soon. “

Coach Ismael said he had a warm relationship with him, and the young player said: “For someone in his career, his ego level is very low and he is very humble. He says I can come and talk at any time and tell him my little problems. This is a very valuable player for young people. A player who has just joined the team. Thanks to the teacher for showing this warmth. Other than that, the meeting about what to expect from me in the game formation continues. He said he would help with video analysis and explanation. He wants to hold more meetings in the future and clarify the game template in my mind. Then I’m the best I think it helps the team to understand in this way. “ I made that evaluation.

Recognizing that Ismael has an interdisciplinary way of working, Emre Can said: “I came to a big club in Turkey when I was 21. I may have a reservation, but since I came here everyone has been very friendly. They welcomed me very much. The environment is a little different. I was worried that this is a very big club, a very big community, a very European environment. In the work system, everyone is very attentive to their work and very positive. There is a good work pace. The training pace is very good. There is really. Intense training tempo. The teacher is very well trained and very trained. I am very happy to be in such an environment. “ I used a phrase.

“The important thing is the mentality of the game.”

Emre Can said he participated in a new championship battle with Besikash, remembering that he won the playoff championship with Istanbul Spor in the Sport 1st League last season. “There were no championship goals when we started in Istanbul last season, but as the season progresses, staying in line with the current system shows that we are far superior to other teams. There is a championship goal at the beginning of the season. The pressure is great and the number of fans is huge. “We have excellent supporters. The lineup may be different. But the spirit of the game is important. I think I fight like a team in a championship. I always dominate, not wait for opponents or see what they are doing. It’s becoming a team that is targeted and puts pressure on the third region. Hopefully, it will be a happy ending. ” He said.

“There was an eagle in Besiktas, but now there is a bull,” said Ekmel Sariyarioul, president of the Istanbul Spor Club. With reference to his statement, the young actor said, “I have been in Istanbul Spor for eight years. All the good and bad memories of football are in the club. They have experienced the most important championship degree with me. I am the team. I was a member of the club. I am very lucky in this regard. I was impressed by the words of President Ekmel. Child “I entered the club as an adult and left the club as an adult at the age of 21. Turkey’s largest I’ve come to the club. I hope I don’t disappoint his trust. I’m successful here. “ I used a phrase.

“I am the person who thinks about the system”

After being trained as a coach at Istanbul University, Emre Can, the second in the department, explained that his goal was to become a coach after quitting football.

Valerian Ismael’s triple play system will give Besiktas an advantage, black and white soccer players said. “I’m a system thinker. Our job requires the highest level of mental knowledge. I think I started this job early. I’m only 21 and started thinking about formations and formations. I think we’ve had good results with the triple system since last year. “Because the teams have different perspectives. They have a numerical advantage in most regions. In the league, most of the 4-2-3-1 variations. And being good in all regions can confuse them. We play this system and formation correctly and follow the coach’s instructions correctly. “” As long as you bring it in, the problem is I don’t think so. On the contrary, I think we are on the advantage. ” I made a statement.

Emre Can emphasized that it is difficult to play professional football along with education in Turkey and that schools need to be frozen, and that this situation needs to be corrected, saying: I did.

“During the pandemic, it was easy to attend because the classes were online, but it was a very busy pace in last year’s championship battle. Unfortunately, in our country we have a lot of parallel work and school life. I can’t. I might freeze the school this year, but there’s a very valuable athletic teacher here because it’s my field. I’m also interested in the subject. I care about something. If so, at least I’m trying to get information from my teacher. If I was studying from the outside, in our case it would start to get serious from the age of 16 in high school. After becoming a professional, you can start in grade 11. You have to choose between school and soccer. I chose soccer, but I was lucky because my brother was a teacher. I was able to fill my spare time with my teacher’s friends and got a relatively good score on the college exam. All my friends who didn’t have such an opportunity had to drop out of school. I think it should be fixed. Really, going to college, educating yourself, and being in such an environment adds a lot to people. When you get rich as a general culture, your perspective gets even more Spread. Including soccer. Hope this will be fixed soon. “

The young player emphasized that the Italian league is suitable for his match, saying: “There are different stages and the peak of football is now. You need to prove yourself in Besiktas and be very helpful to the team. Now my focus and goals are on this. I said I hope I can achieve and reach it. It’s the place I dreamed of later. “ Said.

“I think we will win the championship.”

Emre Can said he expects the championship race in the Super League this season to be more difficult than ever. “Last season there was champion Trabzonspor in a very solid match. Fenerbahce brought Jorgees and started the season well. They will definitely race. Galatasaray is Okan (Burg) They also signed with Hoka. They are also in the championship. Many “I have a good team this year. A continuous team has an advantage. I think it will be very difficult to make up for even one or two games this season. So I think we are aware of this. Throughout this process, we will play every match with a high level of awareness and win the championship. ” He said.

Emre Can, who was also grateful for the interest of black and white fans, “They praised me. I was very happy with their support. I hope to return their support and be the first player on this team. I look forward to seeing them. I am doing it. ” He concludes his speech.