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Bahçeşehir College defeated the Italian team Reggio Emilia in both finals to win the FIBA ​​Europe Cup. Hüseyin Yücel, President of Bahçeşehir College, made a special statement to FANAT0054K after its historic success. Yousel; while talking about the success and goals of Bahçeşehir College, he also shared his thoughts on rehiring in Besiktas.

The statement made by Hussein Yusel to FANAT וK is as follows:

-First, as a result of a five-year project, after spending a season in the lower leagues, we reached the championship in international organizations such as the FIBA ​​Europe Cup. How does this success make you feel?

First of all, we are very proud. We not only own this trophy, but also consider it a success of Turkish basketball. So far, seven European Cups in the men’s basketball branch have arrived in our country. One of them has a signature. It is a great pride for us to have our name next to ancient clubs such as Anadolu Efes, Fenerbahce, Besiktas, Galatasaray and Darshshafaka.

Of course, doing this in as little as five years would make our success even more special. Although we are young as an organization, we can be confident that we will quickly learn what to do and how to do it over time and know how to learn from mistakes.


-Your work on the valuable mission of Basesche Hill University from a basketball perspective is getting a lot of attention, but what path do you plan to take at the international level after this success? After spending last season at the EuroCup under the EuroLeague basketball organization, he won the EuroCup at the FIBA ​​organization. How will Bahçeşehir College continue its European basketball fight?

The EuroCup we played last season was an important experience for us. Yes, you may not get the results you want on paper, but as I said, there are significant benefits to the maturity of your organization. Given the adventures at the FIBA ​​Europe Cup in the 2019-20 season, we can see that we have participated in the Europe Cup in three of the five years of club history.

Winning the FIBA ​​Europe Cup was a very important step for us. We are very pleased to have achieved our goal of winning the trophy in Europe, but we are still in the early stages and want to pursue greater success. We have big dreams and big goals. First of all, based on the success of this season, we aim to make a name for himself by participating in the FIBA ​​Basketball Champions League. It’s not easy, of course, but in the future we aim to reach the final fours in this cup and become the champion.

-European basketball is not a sporting area that can easily supplement financially made investments. As a result, basketball fans cannot easily subside their concerns about investment sustainability and success. However, there are various benefits that many major brands and clubs have achieved without working in this area. You are one of the key names in the business world, and given economic factors, what path are you going to follow in this area under the roof of Bahçeşehir College?

To be sure, basketball is not really a logical investment area with economic rewards, if you think reasonably. However, as Bahçeşehir College, we have never considered this club a source of income for our institution. Our purpose to establish this club. Inspire young people and introduce Turkish sports to trained fair play-minded athletes.

So far, I think we have taken a steady step towards this goal. For example, last week’s U16 Turkish Championship was attended by both the Istanbul and Izmir teams. Similar success is as valuable to us as winning a trophy in Europe. We want to touch these children, these young people and leave a mark on their lives. Infrastructure activities require patience and we show this determination. We hope to reach a better place for all ages in the next few years and continue to offer Turkish basketball.

-Apart from the rational aspect, you and your family seem to be interested in sports, especially basketball. Remember that your family participated in NBA games in Washington Wizards games, especially influenced by BAU Washington DC. In such an example, can basketball be an important place for you as a family?

We love basketball. It’s one of the most fun sports to take action, watch and follow at any moment. When we visited our college in Washington, DC, we had the opportunity to go to Wizards games several times and loved the basketball environment there. However, the atmosphere of the Bahçeşehir College match is much better! (Smile)

-You stand in a very important place in the field of education. The integration of education in the athlete’s career development process has always been seen as a difficult area. But as an example, you reached an agreement with the Ministry of Youth Sports last year. This includes a 100% scholarship to 300 national athletes. In addition to the Bahçeşehir Uğur Education Institution, you and the SEY Foundation are doing an invaluable job to ensure equal opportunity in education. What do you think about the educational integration of sports and athletes?

This is one of the things we care most about both as an institution and as a club. Unfortunately, in our country, at some point children have to choose between education and sports, giving up on one of them. We also continue to work with various state agencies, especially the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to maintain an integrated sport and education. We meet frequently and exchange ideas about what we can do better.

Moreover, as you said, we are doing our best as both the Bahçeşehir College and the SEY Foundation to provide equal opportunity in education.

-From 2018 to 2019, he was a member and vice chairman of the board of directors in Besiktas. You are a Besiktas fan, do you have any plans to work in Besiktas again in the future?

I have been a Besiktas fan since I was a kid. Before joining the management team, I supported the club both as a family and as an organization, but after taking office, I had the opportunity to actively contribute. We continue to support not only the soccer division but also various platforms. Fate, no one knows what will happen in the future. But after all, as I say everywhere, Besiktas is my childhood dream. The best way for our Besiktas is to go through my heart.

Interview: Orçun Konaklilar