Huge convoy takes action: Kyiv is waiting for a big attack


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In the third week of the occupation, Russian troops moved towards the capital Kyiv. A huge 65km long convoy near Kyiv also reoccupies the position while Russian troops try to surround the capital for two days via Irpin in the west and Brovary in the east.

A siege is coming

According to a photo provided by the US satellite company Maxar, a convoy vehicle that had been waiting for days near Hostmel Airport has been redeployed to the scene. Military experts warned that mobilization could be the beginning of a “long and bloody” conflict. Ukrainians are waiting for the siege of the capital, which is currently home to about 2 million people. It is feared that the fate of the city may be similar to that of Mariupol, Kharkov and Suma, whose water, electricity and heating were deprived by the 12-day siege.

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“Castle” like Kyiv


Waiting for the past few days has given Kyiv the opportunity to prepare for defense. Mayor Vitali Klitschko said they turned the city into a “fortress”. Klitschko said Russians could come from Brobalui, east of the city, saying: “The city has turned into a fortress,” he said. Defense forces dug trenches and set up barricades on the road. Almost every building in the city functions as a trench for the Ukrainian army. Ukrainian troops said Russian troops continued to attack Kyiv, especially in areas from Kuhari 90 km northwest and Demidov 40 km east to break through Ukrainian defenses.

Huge convoy takes action: Kyiv is waiting for a big attack


They take an attack position

US intelligence also confirmed that Russian troops were approaching the capital. The Pentagon said the Russian convoy, which was 20 km from the city center the day before, is now only 15 km away. The convoy had about 15,000 soldiers and is believed to have had trucks carrying food and ammunition. It was also found that some vehicles of the convoy, which had hardly moved for about a week due to logistical problems such as lack of fuel, went out into the forest area and occupied the attack position.

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Huge convoy takes action: Kyiv is waiting for a big attack


New front is open

Meanwhile, Russia struck the city of Dnipro for the first time in the middle of the country. A kindergarten, a private apartment and a two-story shoe store were bombed in three attacks. At least one civilian died. The western cities of Lutzk and Ivano-Frankovsk were also targeted for the first time. Military airports in both cities were attacked, killing at least two soldiers.

“Medieval style tactics”

Meanwhile, the siege of Mariupol, with a population of 430,000, will last for 12 days. According to Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereschuk, 1,300 civilians have died in the city. There, the freezing cold, heating and lack of food made the lives of civilians unbearable. Ukraine’s Defense Minister Olexi Reznikov said Russia abandoned sensitive and targeted attacks, adopted “medieval” style siege tactics, and Russia “similar to Syria, with more civilians than soldiers. I killed him. “

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War diary

The area of ​​conflict is expanding

* The United Nations has announced that since the beginning of the war, 564 civilians have been killed and 982 have been injured.

* Ukrainian leader Zelensky said that in the last two days, about 100,000 people have been evacuated from seven cities under the Russian blockade, including the outskirts of Kyiv.

* Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgiç announced that officials from the Turkish Embassy in Kyiv have been transferred to Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

* Kharkov was bombed violently yesterday. It is said that 89 bombs were dropped in one day in the second largest city in Ukraine, and it is said that 48 schools in the city became unavailable from the beginning of the occupation.

* Russia also struck the besieged Kharkov disability care facility. It was said that there were 330 people in the building at the time of the attack, but it is not yet known if there were any casualties.

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* The Ukrainian government has announced that 71 children have been killed and 100 injured since the beginning of the war.

* Violent clashes occurred in the cities of Chernihiv and Kharkov in the north and Severodonetsk in the east.

* Russia has attacked the Kharkov Physics Institute, which has a nuclear reactor on campus.

* The UK has put 386 Russian agents who voted for independence in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions on the sanctions list.

* An unidentified drone crashed in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, after running out of fuel. Local media reported that the vehicle could be a Soviet Tu-141 type reconnaissance aircraft used in Ukraine.