HSK investigating judges and prosecutors

Husbands and wives who stabbed their father-in-law with their feet were arrested again in 23 places, but judges and prosecutors who decided to release them were given permission to investigate.

31-year-old Ozrem Ah, who lives in Tokat, left her husband, Samet Ah, who was working as a cleaner at the hospital in January last year due to a serious incompatibility, and filed for divorce with her father, Mehmet Demirel.

On April 1, Samet Ah went to his father-in-law, who lives in the village of Muluk, talked to his wife and settled.

There was a debate between the couple.

He stabbed his wife 23 times

During the discussion, Samet Ah stabbed his wife and father-in-law, Mehmet Demirel.

Ozrem Ah, who was stabbed in 23 places, and his father, who had a leg injury, were taken to Tokat State Hospital for treatment.

Detained Samet Ah, “Attempt murder” Arrested on suspicion.

Case followed by President Erdogan: HSK to investigate judges and prosecutors ViDEO

Case followed by President Erdogan: HSK to investigate judge and prosecutor # 1

Released on condition of signature to state

Same Ağ’s lawyer, who spent three months in prison, applied for the release of his client, subject to judicial control.

Given the fact that evidence was collected and his length of detention, the prosecutor demanded his release from court.

SametAğ is determined by the First Criminal Court on July 16th, subject to the signing of the nearest law enforcement agency where his address is located, without going abroad within the scope of CMK Section 109 / 3-b. Was released to. It is every Friday between 08:00 and 20:00.

Arrested again

Following Ozrem Ah’s statement after the release was decided, a re-arrest warrant was issued to Samet Ah, opposed by the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office of Tokat.

Samet Ah, detained by the gendarmerie, was re-arrested by the shift court on August 19, 2021 and placed in Chamrubel T-type prison.

Case followed by President Erdogan: HSK to investigate Judge and Prosecutor # 2

24.5 prisons up to 5 years

About Samet Ağ at the Tokat High Court Criminal Court “Attempt murder” He was accused of up to 24.5 years in prison.

The second trial of the case, which was first heard in the Tokat First High Court Criminal Court on 21 February, was postponed to 27 June.

It was said that the divorce case of Ozrem Ah with her husband was not over yet.

Intervention from President Erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement about the unfortunate women’s experience left their mark on the agenda.

Erdogan participated in the program on March 8th, International Women’s Day. “In the end, they released the man three months later. We immediately called and investigated. Thanks to God, they brought this guy back. Thinking, he was in 23 places. I stabbed him. Judge, how do you release such a man ?? The judge does such a punishment, then insults the judiciary.

Case followed by President Erdogan: HSK to investigate judges and prosecutors # 3

“Justice cannot be separated, do not create on the ground”

If I am the president of this country and release a man who has stabbed his wife in 23 places, I will tell you what I need to say about it. We follow it to the end, we are not done yet. It can be a judge, a prosecutor, it doesn’t matter. Justice cannot stay in the middle and does not crawl on the ground. We do what he needs. ” Said.

“Our president said he was with me on all issues.”

Talking to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the phone yesterday, Ozrem Aga said, “Our president called on this issue and learned about it on the judiciary committee. He learned that he had been released and arrested again. He said he would track the case and the case. They said. Said to be behind me in everything. It’s President, Vice President Ozrem Zengin, Minister of Justice has taken the necessary steps in this regard. I know they will abandon him. I hope he will not be released. I hope he will receive the heaviest punishment. The punishment he receives will be an example for others. Everyone should receive the punishment they deserve. “ He said.

Confirm permission to HSK for judges and prosecutors making decisions

Justice Minister Bekir Bozder, who issued a statement after the incident, also gave HSK permission to investigate the prosecutor demanding the release of Samet Ah and the first justice of the peace who released him.

Prosecutors and judges are reported to continue to serve at the Tokat County Courthouse.

Case followed by President Erdogan: HSK to investigate judges and prosecutors # 4