How much is the toll for the Canakkale Bridge?This is the message hidden in the design of the bridge

Connecting Europe and Asia 1915 Canakkale BridgeIt stands out in its engineering details. The two-legged span of the Canakkale Bridge, the longest middle-span bridge in the world, was designed at 2023 meters to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey.

Where is the Canakkale Bridge?

July 15 After the Martyrs Bridge (Bosphorus Bridge), Fatis Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Yavs Sultan Selim Bridge and the Eurasian Tunnel in Istanbul, the Canakkale Bridge will connect Europe and Asia for the fifth time. It was built between the Lapseki and Gelibolu districts of Canakkale...

The bridge connects the village of Sütlüce, 10 km south of the center of Gallipoli on the European side, with the Lapseki district on the Asian side.

Canakkale Bridge; Built within the scope of the 88km highway project connecting the Markara district of Tekirdag and the Lapseki district of Canakkale.

Is the Canakkale Bridge open?

Canakkale Bridge, construction began on March 18, 2017, The service started at 16:00 on Friday, March 18, 2022...This date Canakkale Navy VictoryIt coincides with the 107th anniversary of.

The entrance to the Canakkale Bridge and the highway in 1915 will take place at six intersections. These junctions are Malkara, Kavakköy, Güneyli and Gelibolu on the European side. Close to the villages and districts of Lapseki and Umuru Bay on the Asian side.

How much does it cost to pass through the Canakkale Bridge?

One-sided toll for the Canakkale Bridge operated by a private company for 11 years from 2022 289 TL It was decided to be (15 euros + VAT).Moreover Fees are raised every year..

On September 22, 2021, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu told NTV, “According to the current ship schedule, the car will charge 85 lira. Therefore, the toll when the bridge is opened. Will be 15 euros .. “

To the company that builds and operates the Canakkale Bridge It guarantees 45,000 passengers daily and 16.5 million passengers annually, but it is expected that 3.5 million vehicles will use the bridge annually... The difference will be paid from the national treasury to the operating company.

Suppose the vehicle passes continuously for about 15 hours. It will produce 3000 vehicles per hour and 50 vehicles per minute. In other words, every other vehicle must cross the bridge to ensure that 45,000 vehicles pass each day.

According to 2019 data, the number of vehicles passing by ferry on both sides of Canakkale is 12,000,431 vehicles per day.

How much does a Canakkale ferry cost?

Ferries operating between Europe and Asia in Canakkale will be charged differently depending on the vehicle, but adult passengers in the vehicle will be charged 6.5 TL per person. Daily two-way car pass for ferry service The price is as follows:

Canakkale-Kiritoba Hill: 95 TL

Canakkale-Eceabat: 107 TL

Garipoli-Lapseki: 107 TL

Technical specifications of Canakkale Bridge

Canakkale Bridge The two-foot spacing was designed as 2023 meters based on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey... In addition to the two piers, this is the first suspension bridge in the Strait of Dadaneres, with 770 meters of sideways, 365 meters and 680 meters of viaducts. 4000608 meters longFind it.

Of the bridge The tower mount and elements are painted red and white with reference to the Turkish flag..On both sides The upper part of the tower represents the shell fired by Sate Ombash on the barrel during the Dadaneres War. The way it was done.

Provided in 2×3 lanes The height of the deck of the bridge is 3.5 meters. Sidewalks built on both sides of the deck are used for maintenance and repair purposes.

Meaningful design and message of Canakkale Bridge

In an interview with Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu on February 9, 2022, when the project was completed, the bridge was “The world’s first bridge designed and built as a twin deck over an intermediate span of 2,000 meters” He said it would go down in history.

1915 Canakkale Bridge, The height of the tower of Seyit Onbaşı reaches 334 meters and the number of bullets is displayedSo “Suspension bridge with the tallest tower in the world” Pointing out that this happens, Karaismailoğlu continued:

“Our bridge carried by the Straits of Canakkale like a ruby ​​necklace will be one of the newest and most accurate pieces of Turkey to compete with the world with the flag of national independence. The Canakkale Bridge in 1915 is far away. Not only is it a project to achieve the goals of transportation, trade and development, this work is a unique monument to the memory of the Holy Martyrs. This work is the ancestor of the epic. It will be a gift to. “

Karaismailoğlu emphasized that they further clarified the picture of “Turkey” that they are looking to see in the future, and made the following evaluation.

“We have an ambitious process shaped by the dynamics of global development-oriented mobility, digitalization and logistics with the aim of integrating the world into geography, and we carry this process in every mode of transport. Well managed. The 1915 Canakkale Bridge was developed both in the region and in Turkey. “

Chronology of Canakkale Bridge in 1915