How did the government and the opposition react?

Severe police intervention also left its mark on the political agenda of a protest organized in Adana last Saturday for the release of eight imprisoned members of the Furukhan Foundation, founded by Alpaslan Quitur. The government, especially Interior Minister Süleyman Soyle, admitted that the police used “disproportionate power”, but MHP leader Devlet Bacheli kissed the police’s “white forehead” that intervened in the protest. I did. ” On the other hand, the opposition responded severely to the government by exercising “unbalanced power.”

Members of the Furkan Foundation, which was closed by an emergency order in 2018, marched in Adana last Saturday, releasing eight members who had been imprisoned for some time and had not yet been charged.

Police intervened with batons and tear gas against Foundation members because they were demonstrating “without permission.” Kuytul, the founder of the Foundation, was also detained during the proceedings.

In particular, the intervention of a female police officer with a baton on a woman wearing a headscarf has become a hot topic on social media and a topic of political debate.

Karamollaoğlu: You became the oppressor of that era

The first reaction to police intervention against members of the Felican Foundation came from the Felicity Party President Temer Caramoor. Caramoor, who issued a statement on a social media account on the day of the event, accused the government of being “cruel.”

“We are surprised, or rather shocked. We have a hard time understanding what happened to you. You are a rights seeker of an era, and you are cheating in this era. Those who went. You were oppressed at one time, after seeing these interventions in front of your camera, we also don’t want to think about what happened during detention. Faced by Furkan Foundation volunteers The treatment is an indicator of the government’s hostile attitude towards various ideas. “

Soil: Not our way of disproportionate power

Interior Minister Suleiman Soil, who issued a statement on his social media account on the same day, said the Foundation had conducted illegal demonstrations, but admitted that police had used “disproportionate forces.”

Soil explained that police actions were “started with an investigation.”

“Kaichurists, who have been demonstrating weekly every week for years, are demonstrating illegally at the same time as Nevles in Adana today, despite all warnings. Our security forces are We have always been patient with all provocations, insults and abuses of our kiturists, but today all provocations are “our way to use disproportionate power despite insults and abuses. It shouldn’t have been. The necessary investigation was initiated by our Governor Adana. “

In a post-meeting statement by the party’s Central Executive Committee earlier this week, AKP spokesperson Omer Céric criticized harsh police intervention against members of the Fulkan Foundation, saying “within our security forces. We are always grateful for the events and the struggle. “

February 28 Reminder from Babakan

Alibaba Chairman Alibaba also criticized the government in a statement about his social media account, reminding him of February 28.

“The February 28 struggle was fought to break the baton, not to grab the baton. The spirit of authoritarian power did not understand this. Today it is the perpetrator of all the crackdowns that it opposed yesterday. The victim of today’s government violence was the Fulkan Foundation .. I regret and blame. Of course, all batons will break someday. “

Tomorrow Party Chairman Ahmet Dubtor also tagged Interior Minister Suleiman Soil in his social media account and criticized police for “disproportionate use of force.”

“The disproportionate violence that police have given to volunteers at the Fulkan Foundation in Adana, whether women or children, is unacceptable. What advice did you order the police to torture in the middle of the street? These outdated images Those who make it permanent should be punished immediately. “

Bahçeli: I kiss a police officer’s clean forehead

Despite AKP’s statement that police used “disproportionate power,” MHP leader Devlet Bacheli praised police attitude by saying, “I kiss their clean forehead.”

Recalling the closure of the Fulkan Foundation in Decree No. 701 at a parliamentary group meeting on Tuesday, Mr. Bercheri said, “The provocation of an organization called the Fulkan Foundation has resulted in undesired occasions-FETO as needed. The Foundation, which praises and, when appropriate, brings good luck to coup attempts, is now at the forefront. “

Omer Cherick, an Omer spokesperson for the Justice and Development Party (AKP), said police attitudes towards members of the Fulcan Foundation were “unacceptable”, but MHP leaders supported police attitudes and praised Minister Soil. ..

“The prestigious Turkish police have timely intervened in the illegal behavior of these religious traffickers and the provocatives of these agents. In our opinion, the sovereign character of the nation is accurately demonstrated. The so-called Foundation’s confused head to the Minister of Interior is invalid in our eyes, even at our feet. Mr Süleyman Soylu is as noble as his name and he is legitimately obliged. Is playing.

“Turkish police have fulfilled their obligations and have shown the power of the Turkish state to sanction the hypocrites and minorities who appear to be a few Muslims who want to stir the streets. I sincerely congratulate all the police and are clean people. Kiss the forehead of all police officers working in Adana. “

“This is the first time a crouched woman has faced such severe persecution.”

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu also responded to a rigorous intervention against members of the Furkan Foundation at his party’s group meeting. Recalling the constitutional provisions for demonstrations and processions of rallies, CHP leaders emphasized the use of “disproportionate forces” and the right to demonstrations is within the scope of legal restrictions between their rules. Promised to be exercised within.

“They also wanted to march, whether they liked the Full Khan Foundation or not. Disproportionate forces were used. For the first time in the history of the Republic, women wearing scarves faced such severe persecution. I promise them too. Everyone’s thoughts, beliefs, “Everyone will be shown freely and within legal limits. Rest assured, we are peaceful, tranquil, and brotherly in this country. , And restore and build the hug. “