How can I apply for 20,000 employees to the Ministry of Health? (KPSS-2022 / 5 Setting Guide Released)-Health News

Ministry of Public HealthThere are 10,000 contracted healthcare professionals, of whom 5,000 are 175 nurses and various executives. 10,000 full-time workers I will buy it.

According to the announcement published in the official bulletin, according to the results of the Civil Service Selection Examination (KPSS) adopted by the Ministry of Health’s Local Organization Service Unit, at the undergraduate level of a total of 10 students in secondary education, associate degree, and associate degree. Central placement is done by measurement, selection and placement center (ÖSYM). 1,000 contracted healthcare professionals will be hired.

Started priority

OSYM has signed medical personnel positions and application requirements KPSS-2022 / 5 Preferences GuideIt was posted on the ÖSYM website.

KPSS-2022 / 5 Preferences Guide

Candidate preferences March 15-22 Date, according to the rules specified in the configuration guide OSYMA website where you enter your TCID number and password.

Priority lists sent by mail or handed to ÖSYM or the Ministry of Health will be invalid.

175 nurses out of 10,844 executives

Of the 10,000 staff appointed, 5,175 will be nurses, 800 midwives and 3,293 medical technicians (medical technicians).

The distribution of contract positions appointed by job title, branch, number, and education level is as follows:

Biologist 3 (US), Child Development 49 (US), Language Therapist 26 (US), Nutritionist 170 (US), Midwife 800 (US), Physical Therapist 195 (US), Nurse 4397 (US), Nurse 778 (Lower Secondary Education)), Occupational Therapist (Occupational Therapist) 23 (USA), Auditor 26 (USA), Perfusion Engineer 7 (USA), Psychologist 146 (USA), Health Physicist 14 (USA) ), Social Worker 73 (USA), Medical Technician Forensic Medicine 12 (Associate Degree), Medical Engineer Oral and Dental Health 111 (Associate Degree), Medical Engineer Surgery 34 (Associate Degree), Medical Engineer Anesthesia 554 (Associate Degree) ), Medical technician Environmental health 34 (quasi-degree), medical technician occupational therapist 34 (quasi-degree), medical technician dialysis 85 (quasi-degree), medical technician pharmacy 61 (quasi-degree), medical technician electrical nerve Physiology 20 (quasi-degree), medical technician home care 49 (quasi-degree), medical technician physical therapy 70 (quasi-degree) associate degree)), health technician first and emergency aid 596 (associate degree), health technician occupational therapy 11 (Associate Degree), Health T Technician Laboratory 237 (Associate Degree), Health Technician Audiometry 57 (Associate Degree), Health Technician Orthopedics 65 (Associate Degree), Health Technician Pathological Anatomy 13 (Associate Degree), Health Technician Podologist 10 (Associate Degree) ), Health Technician Radiotherapy 20 (Associate Degree) Associate Degree), Medical Engineer Röntgen 354 (Associate Degree), Medical Technician Medical Secretary 734 (Associate Degree), Medical Technician Elderly Care 5 (Associate Degree), Medical Care Engineer anesthesia 22 (secondary education), medical engineer environmental health 5 (secondary education), health engineer first and emergency assistance 34 (secondary education), health engineer research institute 22 (secondary education), health engineer X-ray 22 (secondary education), health technician medical secretary 22 (secondary education), total 5929 (undergraduate), 3166 (quasi-degree), 905 (secondary education), total 10,000.

10,000 full-time workers are hired by state organizations

An announcement regarding the employment of 10,000 full-time workers employed by local organizations of the Ministry of Health was also published in the official bulletin.

Candidates will have access to the recruitment announcement from the Turkish Employment Agency (0054ŞKUR) address “” and applications will be made online at this address from March 15-21.

The types of services and occupations required by the ministry are met at the state level and the address of the person registered in the address-based population registration system is taken into account in the application.

Each candidate can only apply for one workplace (the state in which he is employed) and one profession from the announced position.

The distribution of full-time worker executives by occupation and number of executives is as follows.

Cleaner 4032, security guard (unarmed) 1452, clinical support staff (hospital) 1844, driver 465, electrician 642, painter 245, carpenter 106, heating and plumbing 537, computer system installation, maintenance and troubleshooting staff 435, biomedicine Equipment technical service support staff 242, total 10,000.

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