Houthi attacks Saudi Aramco facility

Aramco’s oil facility was attacked by the Houthis. “We are not responsible for interruptions in oil supply,” Riyadh said.

Saudi Arabia has been the target of attacks by the Houthi movement in Yemen.

Attacks on Aramco’s petroleum product distribution facilities and other cities in Jeddah took place.

Attack on Aramco facility

After the attack, a fire broke out at Aramco’s facility, but thick smoke was reflected on the camera.

The Riyadh administration said the Iran-backed attack on the country by the Houthi was a violation of law and international norms.

In a statement made on the Foreign Ministry’s Twitter account, the Houthis’s attacks on civilians and oil facilities in various parts of the country were accused.

Houthi attacks Saudi Aramco facility ViDEO

Saudi Arabia: We are not responsible for oil supply malfunctions

In a statement, the Houthi attack on the country was a violation of law and international norms. Saudi Saudi Arabia was stated not responsible for the disruption of oil supply to the international market due to repeated attacks on domestic oil facilities.

The ministry pointed out the importance of the international community’s awareness of the dangers posed by Iran’s provision of ballistic missile and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to the Houthi.

Foreign: Such acts of terrorism must be ended

Turkey has accused the attack in Saudi Arabia. In a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “It is imperative to end such acts of terrorism aimed at peace and stability in our region as soon as possible.

In this context, we once again emphasize our commitment to solidarity with Saudi Arabia and security in the Gulf region. “ The expression was used.

Houthi attacked Saudi Arabia # 2 Aramco facility

USA: Confirm

Jake Sullivan, US National Security Adviser, said in a written statement: “Today, we condemn the Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia’s private infrastructure.” I used the phrase.

Sullivan, “Today’s attacks are supported by Iran, similar to the attacks on water networks and energy infrastructure on March 19 and 20, which violates a UN Security Council resolution banning the delivery of weapons to Yemen. am.” Said.

Houthi attacks Saudi Aramco facility # 3

“Time to save the Yemeni people”

Sullivan noted that the Houthi rejected calls from the Saudi and Yemeni governments for a ceasefire and deescalation and responded with terrorist acts., I issued the following message:

“It’s time to end this war and reassure the Yemeni people, but only if the Houthis is willing to cooperate with the measures taken by the United Nations and its envoys to ease tensions. . “

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Husis attack on Saudi Arabia

Houthi Military Spokesman, Yahya Seri, Saudi He claimed that they used drones and missiles to attack in Jeddah, Jazan and several other areas, as well as in Riyadh, the capital of Arabia.

Turki al-Mariki, a spokesperson for the Arab coalition that supports Yemeni government forces, has announced that Aramco’s petroleum product distribution facility in Jeddah has been attacked.

Maliki said the attack was carried out by “Yemen’s Iranian support terrorist Houthi militia” and fires broke out in two oil depots on the premises.

Houthi attacks Saudi Aramco facility # 5