History, Nature and Sports Gather in Bethnikzulin At the first rafting tournament in Kuzlin, rafting athletes passed under a historic bridge and began with a dance accompanied by drums and clarions.

The first rafting tournament was held on the Gox River, where the 1800-year-old Kızılin Bridge is located in a historic cave in the Besni district of Adıyaman.
Göksu Stream, which built the Kuzurin Bridge at least 1800 years ago, which was built in Roman times, hosted the first rafting tournament. Athletes rafting on the Göksu Stream through historic caves experienced both historic excursions and sports. In recent years, as nature sports have attracted attention and the Kuzurin Bridge has been used for tourism, boats have been launched underwater and have recently been tested.
The tournament was sponsored by the Besni District, Youth Sports Bureau and the Turkish Rafting Federation. 16 institutions participated in Besni’s inter-institutional competition. The facility staff competed in four stages, and the tournament was held with a dance accompanied by drums and Zurna.
Besni District Governor Nazri Demir, Youth Sports Manager Ficklet Keres, President of the Turkish Rafting Federation and Ficklet Jardinchi, the second president of the World Rafting Federation, also watched the tournament.
Fikret Yardimci, chairman of the Turkish Rafting Federation, pointed out that natural sports are the most preferred sport in recent years and said it has a $ 600 billion economy. “I visited a very nice area of ​​Bethni. I was perfectly watching the confluence of the Goksu and Euphrates rivers. I did rafting for the first time here. I like this area so much that I will continue rafting here. Next year, aiming for the Turkish Championship and the Euphrates International Marathon covering 34 states, we are trying to spread the tourism potential of this place to the world. In recent years, the growth rate of tourism in the sea, sand and sun has been 1%. , Natural sports are 6%. “The $ 600 billion economy is stagnant. Italy, France and Turkey are competing. Turkey is the best place, Adıyaman Besni and this basin is one of the places in Turkey It can be one, “he said.
Meanwhile, Besni district governor Nazur Demir said that Kizılin, where Adıyaman and Sanliurfa meet, has a unique nature and abundance. “Our goal is to create the abundance of nature, the place of this paradise. To introduce to everyone. Turkey and the world. We want to introduce this sport to both our region and our region. We want to make Kizılin and Governor Stream the center of rafting. I’m thinking, “he said.
“We want to expand the watersports organization in our city,” said Ficlet Keres, director of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, with the aim of promoting sports tourism and historic and tourist destinations. Increasingly, rafting sports are incredibly fun, exciting and at the same time beautiful. Especially in April 1315, the first rafting school in our city will be held. The sports program will be held. “
Athletes who participated in the tournament said they were excited to do rafting for the first time. 112 emergency services and AFAD teams participated in the tournament.
The 1800-year-old Kuzurin Bridge, which spans the Gox River in the second century AD of the Roman era, consists of three arches with a central arch length of 32 meters, a width of 7.5 meters, and a total length of 150 meters. .. arch.

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