Historical Summit … Last Minute: NATO Leaders Meet on War Agenda-News

NATO strongly condemns Russia’s attack

Leaders of 30 NATO member states have gathered to discuss the situation after Russia’s attack on Ukraine and NATO’s long-term stance in Eastern Europe.

“NATO has denounced Russia’s attacks in as strong a language as possible,” said a joint statement by NATO leaders.

Explanation from Stortemberg

After the summit, NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg said: There are more planes in the air. We have aircraft carrier combat products and our combat units are permanent. We make collective defenses and coordination. We will further support Ukraine. There is also important military equipment, military and financial assistance. Our cybersecurity equipment supports Ukraine. Our determination continues. We agree with this point. Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina support our defense of deterrence. Allied leaders called on China. Financial support for the Russian occupation should be reduced, pressured and immediate support for a peaceful solution. Similarly in Belarus … War means more costs. NATO leaders will step up their efforts. It will increase the defense budget. Defense spending will increase very seriously.

The NATO Summit, attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, began at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, after a family photo.

Zelensky attended the summit

In a speech at the NATO summit, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, “You have more than 20,000 tanks and asked to buy or sell 1% of them, but you don’t get a clear answer. It wasn’t terrible. To answer the call for help in the war. We just want to live. “

Zelenskiy emphasized that more than 1,000 rockets have been launched in Ukraine since February 24, “Greetings from the capital Kyiv. We are not in NATO, but our own values ​​and yours. We protect both values. We have protected. These values ​​are heroic for a month. 10 years is enough for Ukraine. “” They gathered troops and troops. They gathered. Invested crazy money for death. Ukraine resisted the deaths of thousands, destroyed buildings and relocated people. Citizens are in NATO countries. They have more than 1000 rockets a month. And made more than 100 flights. “

Stoltenberg confuses the Kremlin’s aggression

In a speech at the beginning of the summit, NATO Secretary General Jens Stortemberg said NATO members were united to “condemn the unjustified invasion of the Kremlin” and to support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Emphasized.

“We are determined to continue to spend money on Russia to end this brutal war.” Stortemberg respects the struggle between the Ukrainian people and the army for their freedom and rights. I emphasized that I am doing it.

“I hear their voices and care about them,” Stortemberg said, saying he knows people in Russia who are making “bold remarks against the war.” He said.

“We got together at a critical time for safety.”

At the summit, the Allies said they would discuss support for Ukraine and how to strengthen NATO’s defenses now and over the years, saying “we got together at a critical time for security.” rice field. He said.

“We are currently doing more in the air, at sea and on land. We need to continue this to meet the (new) security reality of Europe,” said NATO Secretary-General. I did. He used the phrase.

NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg said in a statement yesterday, “We will make more decisions at tomorrow’s summit. We must relocate deterrence.” He said they would increase the number of troops on the eastern side of the land, air and sea alliance and deploy more troops to Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia as a first step.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is expected to connect to the conference and give a speech at the conference call, procuring an air defense system from NATO and requesting a no-fly zone.

At an extraordinary quality summit, the summit’s agenda includes progress after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

In his statement announcing the summit, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stortemberg said, “As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, our strong support for Ukraine, and NATO’s deterrence in the face of our new reality. And discuss further strengthening of defense. Safety. “I used the phrase.

Since November 2021, NATO has begun to increase its presence in Eastern Europe in response to Russia’s military buildup at the Ukrainian border. These movements accelerated after Russia launched an attack on Ukraine on February 24th.

In particular, the Baltic and Polish multinational combat units have been strengthened. Many warships and warships were also sent to the area. The army was also deployed in Romania, where NATO had no previous combat force.

According to information provided by Stortemberg two weeks ago, within the framework of the measures taken against Russia, NATO’s 130 jets, 200 ships from the Far North to the Mediterranean, and thousands of additional people. Soldiers are in and near Eastern Europe.

NATO mobilized the first response force in history after tensions with Russia. Finally, at the NATO Defense Ministers’ Meeting held on March 16, the long-term position of the alliance in Eastern Europe was discussed.