His words infuriated Mugue Anle! Dursun Zehir was brutally killed with 5000 lira.

There have been new developments in the Dursun Zehir case at Muguet Anle. It turns out that Dusun Zehir, who had been missing for 5.5 months, was killed. 24-year-old YasinŞanal announced that he had killed Zehir with 5,000 lira, first unknowingly stoned it, and then chopped it with a saw. Shanal said Zehill committed the murder in the instigation of his grandson Kelim, but a land and sea search around the lighthouse in the Pazar district found no findings on the missing body of the old man. .. On the other hand, in the previous episode, Kelim’s words infuriated Mugue Anru.

Dursun Zehir found to be a victim of murder

Start excavation

Police teams left home on October 6, 2021 and took action in response to a confessor’s allegations about Dursun Zehir, who had never been contacted in the Pazar district. The excavation work began with construction machinery on a rocky beach opposite the Maiden’s Tower in the center of the district, where Zehill’s body is believed to be buried. Work was finished when the archaeological team could not find the discovery. At the same time, police divers also searched underwater. The team scanned where Dursun Zehir was last seen with the corpse dog, but no results were obtained.


His grandson was also arrested

Dusun Zehir’s suspicious grandson Kerim Bekar, his friends YasinŞanal, taxi drivers SY and Enes G. were detained by police yesterday as part of an investigation initiated on high suspicion of murder. YasinŞanal and Zehir’s grandson Kerim Bekar, who confessed to the killings of four suspects brought to court, were arrested. Among other suspects, taxi driver SY was released by court and Enes G. was released subject to judicial control.

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“I got 5,000 TL in my jacket pocket.”

Arrested Yasin Shanal confessed that he had beaten Dursung Zehil’s head with a stone, chopped it with a saw, put it in a bag and threw it into the sea. It turns out that YasinŞanal made the following statement during his cross-examination:

“I would like to introduce myself to Dursun Zehir, who went to the park.’Does Kerim owe you?’ I said yes. If I remember correctly, I said about 200 TL, but my main goal was to buy 5000 TL on top of that. Kerim said that Dusun Zehir has 5000TL. His arms and we walked towards the lighthouse. I hit his head with a stone to knock him out. He fell directly. So I took him and pulled him towards the well with the lighthouse. I left him there again. “First, I brought back the trash bag I had left under the bushes in the park. I took out 5000 TL from my jacket pocket. First, I cut my left leg with my pants on my knees. I’ll break my body apart. “

Body parts bag and thrown into the sea

Saying that he threw the dismemberment corpse into the sea, Yasin Shanal said, “I put a part of the corpse in five bags and tied it to my mouth. I threw a bag tied to a stone into the sea. I threw a bag into the sea for about 5 to 6 minutes. It slowly sank to the bottom of the sea. I washed the saw at the crime scene with sea water and left. I met Kelim. “Did you leave any evidence?’When he said, I did him. I told him everything that happened to me. I killed Darson Zehill to make money for him with Kerim’s instigation. Bekar also told his grandfather about the oak tree in the tea factory of Tasuldele and he said he would be buried there. Thus I accept the accusations against me. I regret the case. “

“My mother said she would go to the police.”

Bekar, who said he went to the police station for the first time regarding the disappearance of his grandfather Dursung Zehil, said: .. He didn’t ask me about this. In the morning he left home without telling me anything. Thirty minutes and forty minutes after his grandfather left home, he put on his clothes and checked his grandfather at home and went home. After I left home, I was playing games at an internet cafe until 12:30. When my mother called and said his grandfather wasn’t at home, I saw my grandfather’s friend’s shop. After patrolling the market for a while, I couldn’t find my grandfather, so I went back to an internet cafe. After playing the game until 13.30, my mother called me again and she said, “I can’t find my grandpa, call my grandpa,” so she left the internet cafe and revisited the same friend’s shop. saw. Then her mother called again and said she would go to the police. She went to the police station around 16:50. When asked if she was near 1, she left the police station. I told her mother about this situation and made a statement that they had to pass 24 hours, so you could post the missing person. He couldn’t find her grandfather, so he came to the police station the next day and declared him missing, “she said.

“I found out that you killed my grandfather on a TV show.”

Bekar said he learned that YasinŞanal had killed his grandfather on a television show, saying: A friend of mine called me and told me this. I have never met a person named YasinŞanal on the beach. We met at an internet cafe in the evening. I do not accept Yasin’s claim. Yasin didn’t give me the money, phone, or jacket that my grandfather owned. He didn’t put a trash bag in the park. I haven’t threatened him either. I talked about the park incident after his grandfather disappeared because I didn’t think Yasin would do such a job and I thought his grandfather had left us. “

Please do not receive the fee

Bekar, who did not accept Yasin Shanal’s statement that “he launched me,” said, “Two months after the incident, Yasin earned 5,000 TL in an internet game and then came to an internet cafe. I made a suitcase and a statement such as “I’m going to Istanbul”. You can also see in the communication record that you talked to Enes. But I remember Yasin throwing my phone to Enes and saying, “I’m not charged. I have no minutes” and Yasin talked to Enes on my phone. After the event, I was able to take a taxi and stay at the hotel with 10,000 TL of money I found at my grandfather’s house in Arakul. But this case has nothing to do with the murder of my grandfather. I don’t even know a person named Enes. Taxi driver Serkan Yoğurtçu has nothing to do with this incident. I do not accept accusations against me. Yerseen is always trying to seduce us into this case by insulting him.

Looking for a lost body

The body of Dursun Zehir, who was killed along the confession, was allegedly cut into five parts. A search operation was initiated by the team to find the missing body part. During a land and sea search around the lighthouse in the Pazar district, no findings were found regarding the missing body of the old man.


In a recently released episode at Muguet Anle, Kelim said, “I may have finally entered my grandfather’s house with the key.” This furious Mugue Anru. When he answered “I don’t remember” to the question “when and how did you go to Dede’s house,” Kelim missed something else.


“Maybe I had my mother’s key. Did I sneak in?” Kerim told Henri. She asked. It was also a matter of curiosity that he secretly tried to enter his grandfather’s house when Kelim’s answer was “yes”.

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