Hiking races continue!Sugar price rises from 290 lira to 700 lira-correct address for financial news

Rising food prices never fall off the public agenda. In particular, sunflower oil price increases have risen further in the war with Russia. The rise in sugar prices after sunflower oil is on the agenda. Türkşeker sold 50 kilograms of sugar bags for 298 lira, while co-operative and private sugar factory sugar bags increased to 700-800 lira. “Private factories must be regulated,” said a director of the Ankara Food and Essentials Association.

Why is the price of sugar soaring?

One of the main reasons for the sugar crisis has been shown to be the privatization of some sugar factories and the formation of a dual price structure.

According to Türkiye Newspaper news, Abdulkadir Aydoğan, President of the Ankara Food and Essentials Association (GIMAT), pointed out that sugar production is okay: In sugar beet production in the world. There are no inventory or production issues in this order. There are no problems with raw materials or supply. ” Explaining why prices went up, Aydoğan said: “The Turkish sugar factory (TÜRKŞEKER) has decided to price a bag of 50 kilograms of sugar at 290 lira. For some reason, the private factory did not follow the price announced by the state-owned factory this time. The private factory is now His bags start at 350 lira and now up to 700 lira. There are nine private factories in the state. When the factory bought it for 290 lira and the private sector bought it for 700 lira, all the strength was directed to the state factory. There are two aspects of market and industry demand. When directed to the state, state factories cannot meet this need. Here the supply-demand balance is upset. On the other hand, state-owned factories “if selling at high prices, on the shelves of national and local chain markets. We sell the products we sell with a shelf price guarantee and do not allow the sale of sugar. ” These prices. This time, the industrial side got into trouble. Producers of halva, jam and baklava had to buy sugar from private sugar factories. As a result, the production cost on the industrial side has increased. The price list began to change almost every 15 days. “

Must be met at one price

Mr. Iduan said he had discussed the matter with the Department of Commerce and related bureaucrats, saying: The state can announce different prices. While doing this, it should put together a private factory at this price. If you disagree, you can take some steps. Factory cost calculations can be under control. Thus, if order cannot be established in a private factory, “imported sugar” can be introduced. Also, the tonnage will be determined shortly. For example, it is said that “sugar can be given to people whose monthly consumption on the industrial side is less than 50 tons.” TÜRKŞEKER has such a job. “


The price of sugar goes up when it is in stock. In addition, a sunflower oil test revealed that sugar had been stockpiled. During an inspection conducted in Mersin’s Central Mediterranean area, it was discovered that 48 tonnes of granulated sugar were stored in market warehouses.

Meat 2

Meat and date prices have also risen

Before Ramadan, the price of lean meat and dates began to burn. The Meat and Dairy Association has announced that it has raised meat prices by 48%. After the price increase, the weight of 1 kg of minced meat increased from 56 lira to 83 lira, and the price of 1 kg of cubic meat increased from 62.50 lira to 92 lira. Butchers sell minced beef for 130 TL, cubic meat for 135 TL, and beef steak for 145 TL. The price of dates, which are essential for Iftar and Suhur tables, has risen by 35%. Depending on the type, the date package price will vary between 25TL and 300TL. Therefore, the Iranian date palm package is priced at 25 TL, the Jerusalem date palm package is priced at 100 TL, and the Medina date palm package is priced at 85 TL.

Güllaca, which is equated with Ramadan, has increased by 50% compared to 2021, and dates have increased by 86%. An average increase of 10% was observed for products such as dried beans, chickpeas and lentils, 50% for breakfast products and about 20% for products such as granulated sugar and flour.

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