Herzog follows in the footsteps of his father to Turkey

Israeli experts believe that Turkey-Israel relations, which reached their limits during Benjamin Netanyahu’s reign, will move positively tomorrow with the visit of current Israeli President Isaac Herzog to Turkey. increase.

It has been observed that President Herzog takes the lead in regional affairs, acts with a rational understanding, unlike Netanyahu, and coordinates with the government on this issue.

Israeli experts spoke with AA correspondents, emphasizing that the development of relations in the region as of today would benefit the two countries, saying the visit could start a new era.

Roni Shaked, a researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said that while political relations between the two countries are fluctuating, commerce relations are constantly evolving.

“I think Turkey wants Israeli tourists to return home. Turkey is an important vacation destination for Israelis and many The Israelis want to go to Turkey again. ” He said.

Shaked said it would be beneficial for both sides to take care of their interests, saying:

“The visit to Herzog is the first high-level contact from Israel to Turkey since 2008. This is a very long time for a big and important country like Turkey and for Israel. Israel is Turkey. I think Turkey also needs Israel. “

-Energy cooperation is in the proceedings

“We are in a new era, especially the paintings produced by the war in Ukraine with us, Turkey,” Shaked said, pointing out that the war in Ukraine created a new order in the region. Will create new cooperation in our relationship. ” I used an expression.

Sheikh said that the energy line is on the agenda in Turkey-Israel relations, which is one of the factors that bring the two countries closer to each other. “If Israel opens a gas pipeline, it will be very beneficial to both countries. . Selling Turkey and its gas to Europe. “

Alon Liel, Deputy Secretary of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chargé d’Affaires at the Israeli Embassy in Ankara in the 1980s, said the visit of Israeli President Herzog could prepare a new era of relations. ..

Herzog said he would convey the message he received about contact and energy in Turkey to the Israeli government, and Riel noted the fact that this visit was planned in collaboration with the Israeli government.

-“HERZOG is following Turkey’s HERZOG”

Riel went on to explain that Herzog sees his relationship with Turkey from a “personal point of view” and takes place between the two countries under the guidance of his father, Heimherzok, who was President of Israel from 1983 to 1993. It takes into account historical measures.

“President Isaac Herzog believes that he is following in the footsteps of his father, who formed an alliance with Turkey during his visit in 1992, 30 years ago. (Father) Heim Herzog was at this time. I met with President Ozal and Prime Minister Suleiman Demirel. It was a very historic visit. “It was a turning point in the relationship. A military and security cooperation agreement was signed between the two countries. This is the Jewish community. It was the 500th anniversary of the immigration to Turkey. “

-In relation, the cup has recently been half full

Finally, regarding the relationship between the two countries, Mr. Riel said, “Until a few months ago, there was an empty glass in the mutual relationship, but this visit to the president can fill half of the glass that was empty for about 10 years. And lay the foundation. ”I used the formula.