Heavy snow in Istanbul

A snowfall, warned in Istanbul and expected to reach a thickness of 30 cm, affected the city in the evening hours.

Snowfall has begun again in Istanbul, which had the toughest winter in history.

The warning was issued a few days ago by the Governor of Istanbul and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).

The snow, which has been seen occasionally since last night and has increased in intensity since this evening, has whitened Istanbul again.

School is now a holiday

In a statement from the governor’s office yesterday, there were some negative events, despite the fact that the school was closed until March 21, the motocourier service was suspended, and the IMM warned against driving in private cars. rice field.

Video of heavy snow in Istanbul

“Tomorrow will increase that violence.”

Governor Ali Ericaya made the latest announcement on the situation on his Twitter account.

Jeri Kaya, “Our Meteorological Bureau issued an orange warning to Istanbul on Saturday, March 19th. Snow will fall between 03.00-06.00 and heavy snow will fall between 06.00-24.00. Need Please do not go to the traffic except in the case of “” I made a statement.

“The most effective rain will be tomorrow.”

0054BB President Ekrem Imamoul also issued a statement at the Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM).

March is the rainiest and snowiest time of the last few years, saying that Friday, Saturday and Sunday snowfalls will be effective in Istanbul, and Imamoul is less problematic on Governor Ali Erikaya’s school vacation. He said he had spent the day.

Keeping in mind that the expected snowfall did not cause problems due to the heat of the air, Imamoul continued:

“At this time, I think we need to say that the most effective rainfall, including tomorrow, will be tomorrow. Tomorrow, there will be effective snowfall in Istanbul and there will be some breaks until the evening.

It is very important to use public transport without going out by car as much as possible. The vehicle should be suitable for winter conditions, even if very necessary. Have our citizens arrive home in good health and peace and spend the night with all our staff fulfilling their obligations. “

Difficult moments of traffic again

Although traffic was disrupted in some areas due to snowfall, physical damage accidents occurred in some areas.

Due to the snowfall of Göktürk, some roads were covered with heavy snow, and in Bayrikduz, snowfall could turn into a snowstorm. In Sisli, the E-5 highway was covered with snow in places due to rainfall.

In some areas, such as Başakşehir and Arnavutköy, it was difficult for vehicles to move forward.

Avcılar Cihangir A heavy truck skidding on a snow-covered road in the neighborhood. Snowfall on the Floria coastal highway caused the vehicle to collide with a pole on the side of the road, causing property damage.

There was a serious injury involving two vehicles near Bağcılar ð STOÇ.

Heavy rain on the Anatolian side

Roads, roofs of buildings, and the tops of cars were covered in white in areas such as Uskudar, Pendik, Atashehir, and Sultanbeyli on the Anatolian side, where rainfall is high, and Yeni Bosna and Bouchilar on the European side.

Heavy snow in Istanbul # 2

30 inches may snow Warning

Precautionary measures and warnings for the negativeness experienced continue.

In this regard, IMM has now announced that precipitation is expected in Istanbul, where snow thickness reaches 30 cm in places.

More snow in Istanbul # 3