He was everyone’s lover … he died with the kids next door! “Forgive my love, I couldn’t save you”

The war between Russia and Ukraine has entered its 14th day. While both camps are facing forward, the civilians targeted by bullets and bombs continue to die. Tatiana Pelebeinos, who died in a Russian fire with her children, was one of those civilians.

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Everyone wept at the story of 43-year-old Tatiana Pelebeinos, who died with her two children as she tried to escape from Irpin’s suburbs of Kyiv, where Russia’s attacks were most intense.

Pictures of the bodies of Tatiana and her children were provided to the world by AP, and these pictures symbolized the brutality of the war in Irpin and Ukraine in general.

The deaths of Tatiana and her children have become a symbol of world war in this photo …

By following these pictures, the world’s media outlets left behind family stories and condolences from their father.

The family wanted to escape the conflict in Donetsk in 2014 and move to the capital, Kyiv. For their new home, they chose the city of Irpin near Kyiv.

He was everyone's lover ... he died with the children next to him

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After moving here, Tatiana, who started working for an IT company called SE Ranking, was loved by both friends and colleagues and won everyone’s love and respect. Tatiana was reportedly promoted to the company’s accounting manager.

He was everyone’s eyes

A colleague at the company who worked after Tatiana’s death made many posts for her. “Even if you go to him with the most ridiculous and boring questions and problems, he always patiently listens to you and does everything he can. She was our sisterBy talking about the humor of unhappy women and the jokes that always make everyone in the company laugh with a smile, they communicated their sadness to the world press. After Tatiana, everyone repeated the same sentence:

“We will never forget him and never forgive his death!”

He was everyone's lover ... he died with the children next to him

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In an official statement from the company, “I am deeply saddened that the Russian attack killed my dear colleague and friend Tatiana Pelebeinos and her two children. He and his family escaped from Irpin’s. We were trying. We can’t explain or relieve our pain. We don’t allow Tatyana, Alise, Nikita to be added as statistics, only the number of deaths with Tatiana. Her family has become victims of violence against civilians and sins against humanity. Russian troops are committing crimes and must be stopped. Our hearts are broken. And we The prayer is that all Ukrainians are fighting for their existence. “

He was everyone's lover ... he died with the children next to him

Tatiana took the dog … one died with the dog and the other lost his leg.

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He left because he was looking for his mother

Tatyana Perebeynos, along with her 9-year-old daughter Alise and her 18-year-old son Nikita, were trying to escape the attack on Irpin’s. The family had two dogs.

Tatiana took care of her mother, so she was late for evacuation and was able to get out on the road later than others. After crossing the bridge with her neighbor, her family, who came to an unprotected empty road, were then targeted by a Russian-fired gun bullet and died on the spot.

The words of his wife made everyone cry

While everyone was suffering and talking about Tatiana and her children, the words of her husband, who lost her children as a father and a surviving husband, were about to permeate the reader’s mind.

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“The Russians took it all from me. Tatiana was unsuccessful. What’s next? How long will this atrocities last?”

He was everyone's lover ... he died with the children next to him

The painful husband and dad, who shared a family photo on Facebook, finally spoke to the world in the following words:

“I’m coming to you. See you again. Forgive my loved one, I couldn’t protect you.”

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