He was accused of sexual abuse and DNA testing revealed everything: I slept for 45 months, they said sorry

A lawsuit was filed against Mustafa B. in the Çağlıyancerit district of Kahramanmaraş for committing “qualified sexual abuse” to the daughter of her uncle, who was 14 years old at the time. The life of Mustafa B., who was working as a porter at Sanliurfa at the time and was on vacation, turned into a nightmare when he went to the Prime Minister’s Office. Mustafa B., who was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison in the court he was brought in, was found guilty and confirmed by the Supreme Court, turning his life into a dungeon. Mustafa B., who had been on the run for four years, was arrested and put in jail in 2012. Mustafa B. was taken to the rescue of lawyer Serpil Yavaşoğlu, stating that he was innocent in all the courts he was brought to. By concluding the case, Wildguru was acquitted by DNA testing and proved that the father of the child who died after his birth was not Mustafa B.

“I learned everything I caught”

Mustafa B. describes his experience as follows: I came to the Çağlayancerit district two days before my vacation. My dad said, “Son, you’re back, let me show you these medical documents.” I went to the mayor’s office with his father. At that time, I witnessed two plainclothes police officers at headquarters asking about me. When I said it was me, they said, “Come for 5 minutes and say we have a job.” They took me to the police station too. They asked me the question at the police station. I also said no. I said I had never seen such a job (crime). They brought my files from the Çağlayancerit district to the Pazarcık district, “he said.

“I slept for 45 months, they then started walking for it.”

Mustafa B said he asked wherever he went, as if he had committed a crime, “then the prosecutor asked the question again. Again I didn’t answer. I didn’t. So. A state-appointed lawyer joined my defense. If I suspected that the case had been committed, I was sentenced to 21 days in prison and went to Ax Prison. I slept there for 21 days. Twenty-one days later, they are getting older for the girl and I am out of prison. They receive the file from Pazarjik and pass it to the second heavy criminal court in Kaframan Malash. I have these events. I’m not aware of any of them. I don’t even know that the case was lifted from Pazarjik. Then I found out that my case was heavily punished. Well, because I trusted the lawyer. I said I wasn’t involved in the case. I went to Adana to choose cotton for post-trial work. Every year I want to appear on the day of the court, but the lawyer also says you He said he didn’t have to come in. Meanwhile, I came to the judgment court. In the meantime, my lawyer I hired as a backup says, “He doesn’t have to come.”

“I want to do a DNA test”

The brothers enter the judgment court. By the way, I’m in Mersin, they called me and said I was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months. I was arrested four years after I was on the run. I asked for a new lawyer. Mrs. Serpil is here. Then I asked for this DNA test, he said. He said we would do a DNA test on the child. I said it’s okay, take it out, sir. This took quite some time. The results came after trying. According to DNA, the child has a mother but no father. I was confident, so I asked for a DNA test. “I had been in jail for 45 months, but they took me out of the house and said I’m sorry,” he said.

“It was a very serious crime.”

MB said he was in jail when the incident happened, and lawyer Serpil Yavaşoğlu said: He was put in jail in the process and finalized by the Supreme Court. He was executing the death penalty in prison. In the process, I didn’t get in touch with the client legally. I wasn’t his lawyer. Many of our various colleagues used their agency rights as Mustafa’s lawyers in the file. In my case, the file was completed and started running. It was a serious crime. “

“The judicial decision has been approved.”

“It was a qualified sexual abuse crime, and now he reaffirms that the crime happened in the Supreme Court in a decision to approve it,” Wildoglu said. But the day he was born, the baby dies. Obviously, such a thing has not been taken into account by the court and no DNA testing has been done, as there is no request from the parties’ attorneys in the court file. There is still a baby in the middle. Mustafa never admits this crime, stating that he has not committed such a sexual abuse crime, he was a victim and was illegally imprisoned for such accusations. Victims also have truth and have babies born. Ultimately, this baby’s DNA test will reveal the truth about whether Mustafa was the baby’s father. I requested. I had a hard time. We asked the Forensic Institute to sample blood and compared the DNA of the baby with the DNA of Mustafa in the prison. Samples were taken and sent to a forensic institution. And that very happy news will come and change the course of the whole trial. As a result of DNA testing, Mustafa was 99.9 percent not the father of the baby. During the legal file preparation phase of the judicial process, I was not alone in the business follow-up on which authorities and under what conditions the application would be filed. Of course, my colleague helped me a lot in this regard. It was a team-wide effort. They put their heart into it. They also believed, we believed together, fought, and won. “


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