He targeted opponents with “oil”, obliged Muhtar to “notify” and insulted doctors.

“Our constitution has been” deprived of the right to education and training that no one can do, “Erduan said at a” meeting with female chiefs “event. “Turkey has no problem with sunflower oil. Stockers raise prices without being confused or bored. Opponents are also campaigning,” Erdogan said of oil prices. Prime Minister Erdogan also complained about the doctor’s salary.


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AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at the “Meeting with Women Muktar” event.

“One of the areas of our struggle was to guide women to their rights,” said Prime Minister Erdogan. “Our constitution has been deprived of the right to education for years. It gave women the right to education.’No one is deprived of the right to education and training.

Erdogan, who also talked about rising oil prices, blamed the opposition. “There isn’t much of a problem with sunflowers and olive oil,” Erdogan said in his statement. “The opposition is running such a campaign to show that it’s annoying our country.” rice field.

“Look, speak frankly. I like to speak frankly. If they are, let them go. Here we also hire doctors who have just graduated from college,” Erdogan said of the public hospitals and doctors leaving the country. Together, we will continue on this path. “

Women’s rights to be elected

The highlights of Prime Minister Erdogan’s remarks are:

“Our constitution states that” all citizens have the right to be elected, “and we do not have to wear scarves within the barriers to being elected as a member of parliament, but we do. Guaranteed to use the right of women to be elected. I was illegally robbed.

We have ended the distinction between shaved and uncovered ones among our women, we are on the women’s side.

Explanation of violence against women

The criminal’s attitude or behavior in a hearing that only receives a discount is not considered a reason for the discount, even if you look at this funny dress, wear a tie and bend your neck.

To the extent we qualify, we are increasing penalties by committing intentional killings, intentional injuries, torture, and torture of women.

The act of continuously tracking the body and attempting to reach out using communication tools or third parties is also considered a crime.

Crimes committed against a spouse or divorced spouse are included in catalog crimes. Women without a lawyer will be assigned a free lawyer upon request.

Description of sunflower oil

Our true strengths are our unity, our sense of unity, and our brotherhood. They have an oil problem lately. Sunflower and olive oil do not have such a problem. Opposition is running such a campaign to show that our country is in trouble. This is what I want for my muktar. Is there really sunflower oil in your neighborhood market?

If necessary, follow up and report on the warehouse on behalf of the Ministry of Interior and we will do what you need to do. The first degree responsible is the Governor here, where you are the Governor’s hands and feet.

They are buyers, store them, increase their numbers, and run campaigns saying they aren’t on the shelves.

Target doctor

“We built these hospitals. Isn’t this the state that educates and trains these doctors? I’m asking, isn’t this the state? Which unit is the most in this state? I educated and placed what it would cost. I’m healthy. But now, “Sir, he pays very little.” I asked, “What’s the worst field take?” Well, that’s 89,000 … “What’s the tallest area?” Nevertheless, they run away because the private sector is much more expensive. Look, I’m frank, I like to speak frank: if they go, let them go. We also hire doctors who have just graduated from college. Together, we continue on this path. “

ALIYEV comes to Turkey with HERZOG

After Israeli President Herzog’s visit tomorrow, Prime Minister Erdogan announced that Azerbaijan’s President Aliev will be coming to Turkey on Thursday.

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