He strangled and killed his lover, he said, “I thought he fainted”-in fact

The incident occurred on March 24th at Bahçelievler Mahallesi Soy Sitesi. SinanŞimşek drank alcohol late into the night at the venue in the Gülyalı district, where he met his lover Eda Evli to celebrate his birthday. After returning home, the two continued to drink and discussed the issues of affair and jealousy. After the debate subsided for a while, Eda Evli, who forgot her purse and cell phone in her car, downloaded the KADES application to her lover’s cell phone when she found an opportunity to steal.

Report on KADES

Eda Evli informed the police of KADES when the discussions that began at home grew and became a quarrel. Police and medical teams were sent to the address with a notice. When the door did not open when I pushed the bell, the team climbed from the balcony and arrived at the apartment on the ground floor. Every, who was found by the team to be stuck in the room and trying to strangle him with a rope, died in the hospital. SinanŞimşek, who was arrested trying to escape, was arrested.

Trapped in the room

The team caught Sinan Simsek, who was trying to open the door of the house and escape to the upper floors, but when he was climbing the house from the balcony, there was no steel door that he tried to open with a ram. all right. Open. It was determined that the room in Simsek’s house, which was caught on the stairs, was also closed. Simshek was told to the police who asked for the door key, “The room is empty and no one is there.” Police who opened the door despite Simshek’s resistance found that Eda Evli was lying still on the ground. When discovered, Evli, whose heart was beating slowly and her throat was beaten, was determined to have been strangled with a badge rope by his lover.

Meanwhile, at the request of Evli last year, the decision to suspend Sinan Simsek was lifted, as it was discovered that there were occasional violent incidents between the two.

“I branch off from my wife for EDA”

Explaining the day of the incident in his statement, Simshek said: He left me after his divorce. He started walking around with others. He continued it despite my warning. It inspired me a lot. The day before the event, I went to Eda’s parents. We ate and drank tea. That night was my birthday. We went to the beach and had a drink. Eda wanted to go to the casino. She went to the casino in her private car around 23:00. Eda said provocative words to me. Then we went home. When we got home, we continued to drink. Eda continued to insult during the speech. He hit me and started screaming. I hit Eda twice. My goal was to silence him. He used a nasty word for me. We discussed until morning. I was very drunk. When I hit him with my fist, I saw his eyes swollen. “

“I made it from the end of the rope”

When Eda Evli tried to open the police door that came to the door, Simshek explained that after Eda Evli insulted, he tried to strangle Eda with a rope that he did not know where he got it. Said as. He started screaming through the window in the morning, so he took it out of the window and pulled it in. Meanwhile, Eda fell to the ground and hit his head. Then he said to me, “Sinan is knocking on the door.” Looking through the door, I saw the police. He said to me, “I will throw you in.” I said, “I’m going to jail, are you with others?” When Eda said “yes” to me, I took her to her bedroom. He said to me, “I’m going to ruin your life. I hit it once or twice. I fell into the space next to the bed. He kept yelling. I slammed the policeman’s door. I was trying to open it. I was drunk, so I wrapped the rope around his neck. I pulled it up from the end of the rope. I told Eda to shut up. It was my intention to strangle. There wasn’t. After a while his voice stopped. Sometimes he fainted. I thought he fainted. The policeman kept knocking on the door. I smoked, drank water, and washed my hands with a rope. Then a policeman came. I learned from an ambulance that Eda had died. I knew I had no intention of killing him. “(DHA)