He left his wife’s body at home for three days, it was decided!

She confessed that she had killed her husband’s body at home in Adana for three days, but the woman who stated in court that her father had committed all the crimes was acquitted.

Opposed to the acquittal of Fadimé Tabak, whose brother has died and whose body has not yet been found. “My brother-in-law never killed my brother. He took all responsibility for the dead man and was released.” Said.

Mustafa Guven, the father of a child living in the Teridere district of Central Ceyhan, has disappeared. Kindergarten teacher Nazumie Guven went to the police station on February 6, 2018 and filed a complaint about the missing person. The team that started working to find Mustafa Güven could not find any traces.

Forbidden love is born

Police investigated the area where Guven lived and found that his wife Nazumie Guven and his father-in-law Ahmet Demirch had bags in the evening near the missing person’s filing date. Police then pursued Nazmiye Güven and a young woman, Ramazan Ö. (42) was found to be related to it. Nazmiye Güven and Ramazan Ö. The couple was in constant quarrel because the relationship is said to have started in 2014.

Death in custody

Based on this information, police attacked the addresses of Nazumie Guven, her father Ahmet Demirch, and Ramazan Oh on January 28, 2021. Nazmiye Güven and Ramazan Ö. While he was in custody, Ahmet Demilch became ill when police arrived at the hospital where he was taken and learned that he had died.

Nazumie Guven, who was taken to the police station, confessed everything during the interrogation. In his self-confidence statement, he claimed to be constantly claiming that his wife was having an affair. Nazumie Guven explained that there was another debate on the day of the incident, saying that his father, Ahmet Demirchi, who lived in the same apartment, went upstairs and shot her husband, Mustafa Guven. .. It was also determined that Nazumie Guven hid her husband’s body in the bathroom of her house for three days after her murder. Guven then said he had put his wife’s corpse in a bag, drove it to the Salvash district in the Central Chucroix district, and threw it into the woods. Nazmiye Güven, who was transferred to court after proceedings at the police station, was arrested by the court where she was brought and Ramazan Ö. Was the vice-principal of the same school where she forbade her love. He was released at the order of the public prosecutor’s office.

He sent a message from his wife’s phone

By the way, after the murder, he and Mustafa Guven’s brother Latif Guven, from his wife’s cell phone, “I go abroad for work. Don’t call me. I don’t want to meet anyone.” I reportedly sent a message. Meanwhile, Mustafa Guven’s body has not yet been reached.

Court decides to buy

Nazumie Guven, who changed his statement after being imprisoned, said his deceased father, Ahmet Demilch, had committed all the crimes and his father had sent a message. In a case heard at the 13th Adana Criminal Court on February 22, last year, the court acquitted Nazmiye Güven.

Fadime Tabak, whose brother died, has filed an acquittal.Speaking of reporters, Tavac “My dad wrote a message in court,” he said. He always abused my brother. My brother wasn’t a bad guy at all. He caught it with his friend, brother. He appeared in the first court. He held all responsibility to his father. His father was 73 years old and the man couldn’t move. How can such a person kill my brother? The man had already died during his detention. The man died before he testified, so they held him all responsibility. In the first statement he said I wrote the message and then my dad wrote it. He said.

“I’m crying blood”

Tabak said he went to the place where his brother’s body was abandoned every week. “My wife has a hobby garden there and we go every week. When I see it, my heart bleeds. My brother-in-law never killed my brother. Ahmet Demilch Even their relatives say that humans wouldn’t do that. “ I used the phrase.

“The body was not found because they buried my brother.”

Tabak said the signal recording was also found where the bodies of the brides Nazumie and Mustafa Guven were thrown. “Nazumie and his brothers wandered around Adana with their brother’s body. It’s in the traffic light. They were looking for a place to throw my brother. Because they buried my brother. His body was not found. “ Said.

Fademe plate

Mr. Tabak said he wanted to make his brother a burial ground, “My dad died in sadness. But there is a grave for my dad and I go and pray. My brother doesn’t even have a burial place. I want to make it my brother’s burial place. One hair I’m happy to find it. “ He said.

Meanwhile, Fadime Tabak is Nazmiye Demirci and Ramazan Ö. Claimed that he was still continuing his teaching career.

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