He killed his nephew! In the case of Little Aimen, an expert report came out. He clung to the door handle of the vehicle for fear of being abandoned.

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The accident occurred on August 1, 2021 in a residential parking lot, including a shopping center at Çınarlı Mahallesi on Ozan Abey Street. Aimen Kara of the Holy Caspian Sea asked her aunt Zerin Axa to buy a dog. Then AXA came to her residence with her nephew and collected money. In the parking lot of the residence, Holy Khazar Aimenkara was reportedly driven off the jeep by her aunt Zerin Axa. After a while, Akça moved the jeep. Little Aimen died after being under a car running next to her for a while. That moment was projected on a security camera in the parking lot. Her detained Zeline AXA was released after her remarks.

Following an investigation into the case, a proceeding was filed against Zeline AXA in the 14th First Tribunal Criminal Court in Izmir, demanding two to six years’ imprisonment for “causing negligent death.” ..

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Aimen’s father, Adem Kara, and lawyers from both parties attended the third trial of the case yesterday. Defendant Zeline AXA, who spoke at a previous hearing, said he had attempted suicide after the incident and received psychological treatment: “No matter what punishment I give, I’m not alive anyway. Aimen was sitting behind me. I got into the car. I don’t remember if I locked the car door. I didn’t realize how he got off. There was electrical equipment in the car. There was a related malfunction. ” Meanwhile, Father Adem Kara claimed that the accused had been psychologically abused, saying that after the incident, AXA had traveled to Turkey, laughed out loud and wanted him to receive the heaviest punishment.

“FERYAT FIGAN was crying”

Witnesses were also heard at the trial. He said he noticed a move in the lobby of his residence after the incident and visited his friend. YAA said, “I was in a panic. I went to a crowd. I saw a woman holding a child. I asked her to put her child on the ground. I checked and noticed. I’m a doctor. I couldn’t breathe. I started CPR because I didn’t have a pulse. I had bleeding on his side. I told the woman who brought the child that the child wasn’t alive and wouldn’t return after that. At this stage, the woman cried. She begged, “No matter what happens, I will not die.” She said I was a doctor and would continue her CPR. “I continued CPR until the next day. Then 112 teams it came and took the child to the hospital. Then I knew the child had died,” he said.

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“We left it in the hospital in a minute or two.”

MM, an employee of the 112 team who took the little Aimen to the hospital, is in front of them on the scene, Dr. He said YAA gave Eymen CPR. MM said, “He asked us for a neck brace and backboard. Vascular access was opened. Our team took over the CPR action. We got on the ambulance in 3-4 minutes. I left within a minute or two. I left my child in the resuscitation room of the Ege University Hospital emergency services. “When I first saw the child, I had bleeding in my head. It’s been a while, so I don’t remember the other details. “He said.

“He couldn’t speak, only the word” EYMEN “came out of his mouth.”

Adem Kara’s wife, Sebda Olman Kara, who was heard as a witness at the hearing, said that Aimen was on good terms with her cousin’s child and wanted to meet him.

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“Zerin AXA called me and asked for the phone number of my cousin’s child. I gave her phone number information. After this meeting, I wasn’t contacted until the accident. After the accident, Defendant Zerin Axa called me and she couldn’t speak .. She only spoke the name “Aimen”. I asked what happened. I said to him, “I want you to calm down.” He said.

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“No necessary measures have been taken.”

The judge said the report of an expert on the discovery of the crime scene had arrived in court. In an expert report, including photos of the scene and the moment, Defendant Zeline AXA was driving to park in the parking lot with a vehicle under his command, on the way before arriving at the parking lot. It was stated that it had stopped. She belonged to her and she dropped her nephew Aimen Kara, who was a passenger in her car. After Aimen got out of the car, AXA confirmed that the child would leave the car and said that this should be confirmed before moving to the parking lot, the report contained the following statement: ..

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“Acting with the vehicle while taking precautions such as slowing down the child in view while looking in the rear-view mirror, driving, allowing the child to leave the car, or returning the child to the car. By doing so, the driver’s careless, uncontrolled, and illegal behavior in the event of an accident due to failure to take these precautions.

He killed his nephew. Expert reports from the Minique Aimen case have come to light. He clung to the door handle of his car for fear of being abandoned.

“Movements made with the fear of abandonment”

Experts have reported that Aimen Kara, who had previously been dragged by the door, was dragged by the door. According to the report, “Kara got out of the car and started running with the car’s right door handle, a move that was afraid of being abandoned. Given the accident, the driver’s carefully controlled behavior It’s an accident that can be prevented, not his fault. “

The judge postponed the hearing and gave the parties’ attorneys time to make a statement regarding the expert’s report.