He had 140,000 TL sound systems on 60,000 TL vehicles.He thinks it was stolen

AntalyaFrom an early age, 23-year-old Furkan Öztekin, who lives in the Döşemealtı district, has dreamed of a modified vehicle and sound system. Mr. Oztekin, who runs the real estate business, was unable to install these sound systems on vehicles used in his daily work. So Oztekin bought a car just to install the sound system. Music system founder Cüneyt Durkut installed a sound system in a young man’s car, supported by a 600 amp battery equivalent to 140,000 TL. Huge speakers were installed in cars, doors, inside cars, roofs and trunks. With this system, the value of the vehicle has increased from 60,000 TL to 200,000 TL. When you open the door, a walking disco-like car attracts the attention of spectators.

Fercan Oztekin stated that he was interested in music, sound systems, and motif vehicles from an early age, saying, “I bought this vehicle to fill it with a music installation. Separately, two more. There is a pedestal vehicle. Turn on the sound. My car system on weekends, special occasions and fairs. I have realized my dream. “

“But I spent a lot of money on the internal sound system, which is equivalent to 140,000 TL,” said Ostecin, who said the market value of vehicles without a sound system is between 50,000 and 60,000 TL. I have a sound system. I’m not going to sell it, this is my hobby car. Don’t go inside outside. “Sound can have a big impact on you. But I’m no one. Listen undisturbed in the quiet and quiet place of the trade fair venue assigned to us, “he said.

Mr. Oztekin emphasized that opening a sound system in the city in this way can be an obstacle, “you don’t have to disturb anyone or disturb peace. We usually Open in the right place. Emphasizing that the sound system is more expensive than the vehicle, Furkan Öztekin said, “We installed a camera system in front of the office to prevent anything from happening to the vehicle. With the camera. I’m watching, but don’t worry. After all, I think the sound system is more expensive than the vehicle. Sometimes I go to the front of the office even with a camera at night. “I run it every day. There are lots of pictures taken everywhere in the car that sees the speakers. “

To make his dream come true, he installed 60,000 TL and 140,000 TL sound systems in his car.

Expressing that his family first responded to the sound system, Oztekin said, “What is it and why did you spend so much?” Oztekin said he wasn’t thinking of selling his car because he realized his dream, and he wasn’t thinking of the price.

Oztekin explains that he usually doesn’t turn on the system in traffic conditions, but is nervous when it comes to turning, “usually warns when our team goes down. After all, the city. We don’t open the system inside, and we don’t disturb anyone. We usually keep out of the city, but that sometimes happens when we get a penalty. “

To make his dream come true, he installed 60,000 TL and 140,000 TL sound systems in his car.

Cüneyt Durkut, who designed the sound system, said the tuning community has recently reached a very high level and has become a lifestyle for people. He said he was happy to help Fercan make his dream come true. “He had enthusiasm and excitement. Finally, he bought a car dedicated to the sound system and we made his dream come true. There are about 130 sound systems-140,000 people in the car. “

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