He died on the day he got married!The terrible truth is revealed

The prosecutor commented on the death of Ahmet Yesilder, 70, who died on the day he married in Bursa nine years ago. In his opinion, Yesilder, who was found dead from poisoning as a result of overdose of the drug used for treatment, was “intentionally murdered” against Delia Muslac’s mother, Beihan Muslac. He was charged (42). She had a civil marriage with Sevilay Saygın (60), who had a religious marriage. Requested her lifelong sentence. Prosecutors demanded the acquittal of Derya Mızrakçı Yeşildağ, demanding the arrest of both defendants.

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Ahmet Yeşildağ, who lives in Mersin, met Sevilay Saygın in 2013 while playing OK on a social networking site. Yesilder got married and started living with Saigin, who sold his house and sent money in the Mudanya district of Bursa. Four months later, Yeşildağ signed the intention to leave 2 million lira assets in Sevilay Saygın. The next day, at the request of Saygın, he married his niece, Derya Mızrakçı, in a civil marriage. While Mızrakçı returned to Aksaray two hours after her marriage, the sick Yeşildağ was unable to be saved by the hospital taken to her on her wedding day. Yesilder’s death was recorded as a “natural death”. Knowing the sad news of her father, Ali Yesilder, at her will, noticed the date of her marriage and filed a criminal accusation with the public prosecutor’s office when she examined her documents.

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His grave was opened and an autopsy was performed.

Examination of debris taken from the tomb-opened Yesilder revealed that his death was due to addiction as a result of overdose of codeine on the drug used for treatment. Later, Sevilay Saygın, her son Cihan Saygın (36), Derya Mızrakçı Yeşildağ, and her mother Beyhan Mızrakçı were detained for murder. Cihan Saygın was released on condition of judicial control, but the other three suspects were arrested.

Sevilay Saygın, Derya Mızrakçı Yeşildağ, and Beyhan Mızrakçı, who were charged with life imprisonment for “intentional murder” in the First Higher Criminal Court of Bursa, were released awaiting trial at the first hearing. Cihan Saygın, previously released under judicial control, died in a car accident and the proceedings against him were dropped.

They rejected the claim

In the case of Yesilder’s death, which lasted nine years, the trial continued. The pending defendants Sevilay Saygın and Beyhan Mızrakçı attended the hearing and reached the decision stage. Sevirei Saigin, wife of Ahmet Yesildag, who married Imam, repeated the statement he made at a previous hearing, denying allegations that they poisoned Imam. Sevilay Saygın said: “He always got sick after Ahmet came to Bursa. I took him to the hospital 28 times in 4.5 months. In addition, Imam was under pressure from Ahmet and his sister Zeynep. He married and said, “You can’t have a man and a woman together without getting married.” He said he didn’t want to leave anything to his family and forced me to make a fortune. He died of illness. “

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Beyhan Mızrakçı, the mother of Derya Mızrakçı Yeşildağ, opposed the marriage of her daughter Ahmet Yeşildağ, but Ahmet Yeşildağ said: When I die, my salary is paid to my family. When I said, “I don’t want to leave it with them, let it go to someone who needs it,” I didn’t object. He married my daughter. Giving medicine to Ahmet and poisoning him is out of the question for me. I don’t even recommend aspirin to anyone, “he said.

“I agree to marry my mother and aunt at the request.”

Derya Mızrakçı Yeşildağ, like his mother and aunt, denied allegations of murder. “I came to Mudanya with my marriage documents. The next day, two hours after I got married, I returned to Aksaray, where they called.” I was very surprised. My only misfortune was that my wife died a few hours after the marriage. I had a logical marriage. Ahmet told me He said, “I will not accept the charges.”

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Prosecutors asked them to be arrested with the clause

At the hearing, the prosecutor commented on the proposal. Sevirei Saigin and Beihan B. have been determined to have died of poisoning as a result of an overdose of codeine in the drug given for treatment in a report received from the Istanbul Institute of Forensic Science. Muslac was sentenced to life. Deliya was arrested for “planned murder”. He demanded the arrest of Mızrakçı Yeşildağ.

Ahmet Yesilder’s son, Ali Yesilder’s lawyer, also demanded punishment for the two defendants, as it was found within the entire file that the plan and participation had killed the victims.

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After the prosecutor’s opinion, the court gave the defendants and lawyers additional time to defend and postponed the decision-making trial at a later date.