Haziafmetovich: Our goal is the Champions League-TRT Spor

Bosnia and Herzegovina soccer player Ittifak Holding Konyaspor’s Amir Haziafmetovich has issued a statement to Tam Saha Magazine.

Seeing the season when he first transferred to Konyaspor, the successful player “I finished the league in 3rd place that season. This was the highest point in Konyaspor’s history and it was great to play at the top of the Super League. It was definitely a new step in my career. . “ He said.

“Raising a trophy in a packed stadium is the most beautiful feeling in the world.”

For the 2016-2017 season, when they hosted the Turkish Cup, green-white soccer players said: “I will never forget the 2016-17 season. It was the season I won the Turkish Cup. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world to hold a trophy at the Eskisehir stadium, which is crowded with Konyaspor fans. I used the phrase.

“I’m very happy this season.”

Evaluating the most productive seasons from 2020 to 2021, Hajiafmetovich said: “I think last season was a really good time for me. It’s not easy to play every match in both the club and the national team and play well throughout the season. I achieved that and this season Is really happy. “ He said.

“I will do my best for the Champions League.”

Amil Haziafmetovich answered questions about Konyaspor’s goals for this season’s UEFA Champions League. “I think it’s the best season in club history so far. I hope we can finish the league in the best position without any obstacles in the rest of the game … our team is a teacher’s I’ve done a great job thanks to 0054lhan Paulut and his team. I’m always aiming for the best possible. I think it’s a good opportunity to finish in 2nd place in the league. We’re trying to make that happen. I will do everything I can. “ I gave the answer.

“Turkey needs a coach like 0054lhan Paulut”

The 25-year-old soccer player emphasized that he has a good relationship with Konyaspor coach Ilhan Palt, saying: “I think he is a very good teacher and most importantly a very good person. He deserves our success and believes to be one of the best coaches in Turkey. Turkey needs more coaches to play such modern and positive football. “ I made that evaluation.

“My goal is to play in one of Europe’s top five leagues.”

A Bosnia and Herzegovina player has stated that he is aiming to play in five of Europe’s big leagues in his career, saying:

“I still have a lot to achieve in my career. The next step is to play in one of Europe’s top five leagues. The Bosnia and Herzegovina national team in the European Championships and World Cup also has big dreams. Yes, this is my biggest dream. “

“Imitating Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.”

Haziafmetovich said he cited world star basketball players Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as examples. “I was very sad to see Iniesta and Xavi. I saw all the games they played. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were great athletes with very strong ideas. Take as an example. “ Said.

A successful soccer player said in the Super League his favorite soccer players are Trabzonspor’s Bisca and Nuwakaeme, and his teammates Abdul Kelimbaldakchi and Ibrahim Shehitch.

“I will never forget Ahmet Juruk. He is always in my heart.”

Regarding his teammate Ahmed Juruk, who died in a car accident, Haziafmetovich said: “We lost a good friend like Ahmet Juruk. He was the most decent person I’ve met in my life and the best actor. I’m really sorry. It’s been a really tough time without him. My condolences and patience for his family. I will never forget Ahmet Juruk, and he is always in my heart. ” He finished the statement.