Hayrettin Demir: Emre’s excitement at that moment was indescribable.


The 18-year-old Emredemil family, who moved from Kayserispor to the world-famous Spanish team Barcelona, ​​lived in Mersin with joy and pride.

Midfielder Emre, who reached an agreement with Barcelona until 2027 while playing for the Kayseri team, began working with the Spanish team after his medical examination.

A young athlete who shared the moment he bounced the ball on Barcelona’s official Turkish Twitter account also satisfied his family in the Trosler district of Mersin with the success of his career.

Emre’s 47-year-old father, Hylettin Demir, told AA correspondent that he and his other son, Emraf, were also interested in football, and his son, who moved to Barcelona, ​​said he was in sports. He started training when he was only six years old when he said he realized his talent.

Demir said he sells pies in the complex at night and trains soccer with his boy in front of the house during the day. “We were playing a match with my boy in front of the house. He was talented and he was doing great things. I started bouncing the ball. I paid 10 cents for each ball he bounced. Then he himself Improved. I was watching him from the beginning of the street. He was playing with older children. “He said.

Demir said Kayserispor contacted them for a transfer in 2012 after sharing a video of his son playing soccer on social media.


“Emle was trained at Kayserispor at the age of eight. The late Receipt Mamur, one of the former presidents of Kayserispor, said that he would stay on the team after seeing Emre, my job. Asked him what. I told him I was making pastries at the mobile counter, “We eat your pastries here now.” He said. They arranged a house for us and asked me to continue taking care of Emre. “

Barcelona has been interested since 2017

Demir states that they had financial difficulties during the first period of their move from Mersin to Kayseri, after which his wife and five other children returned to Mersin and he continued to stay with his son. I did.

Recalling that his son, who was 15 years old in 2019, scored against Gentilelville Rigi, he was recorded as the youngest scorer in the history of the Super League.Later when Emre joined the game, I couldn’t stand still. When I scored a goal three minutes after I entered, everything fell apart at that moment. Players who have worked hard for 7 to 8 years score goals for the team. He has become the youngest player to score in the Super League. I lived in the goal, so I didn’t know the moment. We cried and hugged each other. That feeling cannot be expressed in words. That goal gave us a lot when we think about the past and the difficulties we have experienced. I used the phrase.

Barcelona said he was interested in Emre in 2017 and Haylettin Demir said the transfer was postponed due to his son’s age, but the club continued to follow his favorite young players during the training session. ..

Demir stated that in addition to the Spanish team, the French Saint-Germain team also wanted to add their son to the team in the past, and Emre joined the camp with the French team. He said the transfer was also postponed.

The transfer offer was a surprise

Baba Demir said Barcelona’s transfer offer came at the end of last season, saying:

“His manager, Ahmet Brut, told Emre that he was surprised. The manager invited me and my family to Istanbul. Emre also returned from the national team. We We met in the cafeteria in Istanbul. At that moment we were excited. We stood still and didn’t know what would happen. The lawyer took out the paperwork. When we looked at the paperwork, we saw the text Barcelona. Her manager was also impressed with us as President Berna Gesbash was wrestling with him. For 6-7 months. I cried at that moment. I was very impressed. Looking at the past and experiencing what I wondered if you were following an 8-year-old boy. The difficulties were worth it. We were the result of our sacrifice. When the contract was placed in front of us. We were all shocked and stared at each other. Emre’s excitement at that time could not be expressed in words. “

Demir points out that he is proud of his son’s success, saying: “On the way back to the airport, we cried. Then I said to myself,’Isn’t that what you fought?’ I asked her and that The woman was crying every night I said. Thankfully we got what we expected. I don’t know what will happen next, Emre now has the ball. “ He said.

Father Hayrettin Demir said he asked his son to take a picture with a new team jersey, saying:

“I called Emre and said he wanted to see him in a jersey in Barcelona. He said he would play on the field after a health check and bounce the ball on the field. He said he wanted to see him in front of everyone. If not, he abandoned those moments and we were also impressed here. Seeing his jersey was the registration of all our dreams. At that moment we were in the past. I was happy to be back. May everyone have such a son, just as God pleases him 1000 times. He will not hurt us. The results are very good. I hope it will be a thing. We are proud of him. “

Sezer Yavuz
Haber7.com-Sports Editor