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Süper Lig’s season champion Trabzonspor heads for Hatayspor. The Bordeaux blue team, which declared the championship three weeks before the end of the league, wants to win and leave the road. Hatayspor, under the control of Omer Erdoğlan, who hasn’t won the match in the past few weeks, wants to beat the champion on the field.

Ahmet Ağaoğlu suddenly shed tears

Hatayspor, who hosted Trabzonspor in the 36th week of the Super League, applauded Bordeaux Blue, who won the championship before the match. These moments made Trabzonspor President Ahmet Aoul very emotional.

Minutes from the match

1’| The ball remained in goalkeeper Munir after Koashi fired a shot from outside the penalty area of ​​Trabzonspor.

4’| After Hatayspor goalkeeper Munir lost the ball, Trabzonspor launched an attack. The left center of Ismail Koibash met the defender. Then, with the rapidly developing Hatayspor attack, the middle of the mackerel from the left returned from defense.

Straight back

7’| Hatayspor was very close to the goal. In Hatayspor, the center of the mackerel from the left side was aimed at the goal, and the ball returned from the post to the stadium.

Trabzon could not benefit from the penalty

11’| Trabzonspor received a penalty in 10 minutes of the battle. After Mehdi Boudjemaa’s intervention in Murat Cem in the penalty area, match referee Volkan Bayarslan scored a white point. Bakasetas, who stole the ball, could not benefit from the penalty. Goalkeeper Munir did not allow Greek soccer players to score.

12’| Trabzonspor has arrived dangerously. Goalkeeper Munir shot Yusuf Erdogan, who met the ball in the penalty area. The ball entered the corner.

15 minutes | Koushi, who was playing in Trabzonspor from the left, thought of Yusuf Erdoğlu, the opposite wing. The ball went out.

19’| Ahmetkan Kaplan welcomed the middle of Bertugu Jurdrum, who entered the penalty area with a right-wing dribble during the Hatayspor attack.

22’| Trabzonspor has arrived dangerously. From right to center of Yusuf Erdogan, Sacky stopped the ball from reaching Janiny.

27’| In the rapidly evolving Trabzonspor attack, Janiny was about to face the goalkeeper, but Sacky intervened and sent the ball out. Trabzonspor won the corner.

30 minutes | Yusuf Erdoğs made the middle of the corner kick used by Trabzonspor from the right side. While goalkeeper Munir cleared the ball, Yusuf Erdogan, who stole the ball again from the bouncing ball, transferred the pass to Vítor Hugo. Hugo’s shot went beyond the top.

36’| In the attack deployed by Trabzonspor from the right, Koushi who entered the penalty area met the defender. Taking the ball out of the penalty area in the continuation position, Bakasetas’s shot went out slightly.

38’| After Ismail Koibash lost in Trabzonspor, Bertugu Jurdrum, who stole the ball, made the middle of the right side. El Kaabi, who went up to the ball, won the header from goalkeeper Uglucan Chakul.

45 minutes | In the corner shot by Dylan Saint-Louis at Hatayspor, goalkeeper Uglucan Chakul did not allow the goal with a head kick in the penalty area.

Results of the first half | The first half of the match was a goalless draw.

Trabzonspor starts in the second half with a goal

Goal | Trabzonspor took the lead 1-0 with Janiny’s goal in the 48th minute. Djaniny, who met the ball in the penalty area with a pass from Belt Ezdemir, avoided the opponent and sent the ball to the net with a kick from the ground.

51’| Dylan Saint-Louis, who interrupted the cake that Ahmetkan Kaplan sent to Ismail Koibash, managed to steal the ball. Dylan Saint-Louis stole a corner from the defense of Trabzonspor in the middle from the right side.

55’| Edin Višza, who stole the ball to the right with a rapidly evolving Trabzonspor attack, thought of Cornelius moving to the penalty area and Hatayspor’s defense intervened to block the position.

62’| Trabzonspor has arrived dangerously. Entering the penalty area, Janiny thought of Cornelius and the intervening Hatayspor defense sent the ball to the corner.

67’| With the rapidly developing Hatayspor attack, Saba dribbled the ball on the right side and then made the middle. Vitor Hugo welcomed Georgian soccer players. Ismail Koibash then sent the center of Bugemer, who stole the ball, to the corner.

73’| In an attack developed by Trabzonspor, Cornelius touched the ball from the right wing in the middle of Edin Višza. The ball remained on the keeper Munir.

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When and when will Hatayspor and Trabzonspor play?

It was played at the New Hatai Stadium at 20.00.Volkan Bayarslan blows the whistle in a match that begins with. beIN SPORTS HD1Live score tracking and match details will be broadcast live on fanatik.com.tr …

Hatayspor-Trabzonspor 11s

Hatayspor: Munir, Sadik, Isaac, Burak, Adekugbe, Onur, Mahdi, Dylan, Saba, Al Kaabi, Bertug

Trabzonspor: Ugurkan, Ismail, Serkan, Hugo, Ahmetkan, Berat, M.Sem, Bakasetas, Yusuf, Quasi, Janini

Hüsey in Türkmen, Bruno Peres, Denswil, Siopis, Hamsik, Koita and Trondsen were not included in the Trabzonspor team. The Burgundy Blue Team has scored 75 points in the last 35 weeks.

Atakash Hatayspor, who hasn’t won six games in the league and has scored 49 points, wants to stop in a bad tendency.

Adama Traoré and Kamil Ahmet Chelexi are unable to work on the Omer Erdogan team due to injury.

Trabzonspor Camp Corps

Uğurcan Çakır, Erce Brothers, Arda Akbulut, Serkan Asan, Tymoteusz Puchacz, 0054smail Köybaşı, Vitor Hugo, Ahmetcan Kaplan, Taha Altınkardeş, Dorukhan Toköz, Berat Özdemir, Yunus Mallı, Murat Cem , Emrehan Gedikuri.