Halil Akbunar talks about separation process – TRT Spor


Khalil said the move to Westerlo was easy after deciding to leave Göztepe, saying: “Hasan Cetinkaya called our president and said, ‘We are thinking about you. Westerlo. “Do you want to come to Turkey?” It was also for me that I went to Europe at the age of 29. “That’s a good thing. I used the phrase.”

Referring to receiving an offer from a Super League team before moving to Belgium, Khalil said: “In the end, Göztepe was emotionally exhausted and mentally very exhausted, so he wanted to leave the team. My manager was interested.It was an offer from Turkey and I didn’t meet or talk to any of them.When Westero came out I told my manager said, “Shut up, I want to go to Westerlo.”

“I hope to meet Göztepe again someday.”

Saying that Göztepe has held a very important place in his life, Khalil said of the yellow-red team’s drop out of the Superleague: to explain my feelings. I made that assessment.
Khalil, who became emotional at times during the interview, said, “It was incredibly painful to say goodbye to Göztepe. I hope to see Göztepe again someday. I still continue to meet some of my fans.” Everyone sent.Thanks to them anyway by thanking them and I thank all of them from here.Halal their rights.Let them do.He said Said.

“In fact, my biggest regret is that I fell more emotionally than professionally. If I hadn’t been emotional, I would have been better prepared for some of my matches.” Didn’t you stay in Göztepe for a while?” Khalil using the expression. He replied, “I couldn’t. It was a problem when I had a family because they were exhausted…”


“If these circumstances had not happened, I would 100% have stayed in Göztepe.”

An experienced footballer said of wearing in Goztepe, “Unfair criticism…I can criticize people in football, but I can’t talk to my daughter. You can’t slander me.” People didn’t, people who wanted to create chaos did it, it’s very difficult for us now, even my children were starting to get affected. is why I decided to leave, otherwise I would have stayed with the team.”The second league too. They said go, I went, said I’d be back. These If the situation hadn’t happened, I would have stayed 100% in Giztepe.The league didn’t matter to me.”

Assessing Göztepe’s situation in the Sport Toto First League, Khalil said: Most of the time, the project said, ‘I don’t know what the goal is for this year. Will they be a championship, or will they be next year? We will continue in the Superleague,” he said.

“Belgium are at a very high level physically.”

Khalil said he worked hard to reach his goals in Westerlo.

“We are in a more physical place and I have a process of getting used to it. Reduced adaptation period. “I want to succeed here. I want to add something here. I want you to do this too.” Turkey has many creative players But physically Belgium are at a very high level.”

Experienced football player, “Speed ​​is one of the key advantages. Do the Belgian defenders push you more?” “Of course, 100%. All Belgian players are fast. I will try to find fault with them.”

“Of course I have goals. I don’t want to stay here at a certain level. I want to see myself as much as possible. I’m gone,” Khalil Akbunal recalled after signing a three-plus-one deal with Westero. rice field. Göztepe came to a new team and was on top as long as he could, then transferred to me. Let’s see what happens next.” We made that assessment.

“I’m always ready when the national jersey job comes along.”

Khalil, who emphasized that he would like to wear the A national team jersey again, said, “When it comes to duties, the national jersey is always ready. I try to get there whenever I can.”

Noting that he believes Turkey will be in the 2024 European Championships, Khalil said: “We have a young squad in the national team. We have friends there of incredible quality. I hope that will succeed, I believe, I want to,” he said.