Hakan Calhanor has announced his dream! Galatasaray, transfer, Arda Gurel ..

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Intel star Hakan Calhanor shares his views on past seasons, national teams, his career, goals and Turkish football. Zlatan Ibrahimovic also talked about Fatih Terim, Inzaghi, Uglucan Chakul, Stefan Kuntz, Ludvan Yırmaz and Arda Gurel.

“It was a very busy season.”

“This season was a really busy season. I played non-stop. Champions League, league, national team. I went camping at the end of the league, but I finished 4 out of 4 and it went well. I’m happy. I have two more weeks left. Tomorrow I’m going to Antalya and spending my vacation with my brother Melif (Demiral). Nobody wants to leave here after the national team we did at Izmir. Dolkuhan, Ugurkan, Sengiz and Chakul are the brothers I love so much. We spend time here every day with them. “

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“Mr. Kuntz is doing a lot of things.”

“This camp is considered the first camp that Kunzhoja went with us. He is very interested in us. We try various things like yoga. He Our approach to us is very good. After a tired season, we clench our teeth very well in the camp. Maybe our opponents weren’t strong, but happy to beat them No. We took our work very seriously at this camp. Anyway, we tried to score many goals but didn’t admit. Competitors are not so strong It may be, but it’s important to do it when you’re really focused on the business there. “

“Tears shed while Brak said goodbye to his brother.”

“I said goodbye to Brak Abi of Portugal. Of course, I shed tears. After all, he is the greatest striker in history in Turkey and I can say for sure. We did a lot of work. He was our only brother. He took good care of us and was always there for us in good times and bad times. The numbers are endless, it’s a lot. It’s a job. I hope he succeeds in the new place and will be a good teacher in the future. I think he will. “

“I may have missed the penalty too.”

“Brak Abi didn’t miss a penalty until that day. He scored 17 out of 17 points. He was also our first penalty taker. He scored that goal against Latvia. If not, we wouldn’t be there. Nobody would say this. Penalties are not an easy task. Your chance is 50-50%. I may have missed it too. No one knows what will happen. Brak Abi was the team’s best penalty taker. “

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“Everyone considered me an expatriate.”

“I’m proud to be the captain of the national team. In the past, everyone considered me an expatriate. But I never felt that way. I always I was Turkish. That’s why I chose the Turkish national team without thinking because I want to play for my national team. “

“I am prepared for all criticism.”

“I think I’m sometimes badly criticized, but I live everything in myself. After all, I have a big responsibility. But knowing me well, my Anyone who knows the inside and knows what I’ve experienced. That’s why I’m prepared for all criticism from the outside. These are normal, anyway I come here easily I didn’t. I’m always criticized. But my position is clear and it’s clear where to play. So I try not to ask. I throw a little, I’m emotional I’m a person, but I don’t show it. I just share it with my wife. I try not to show it to my closest teammates. “

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“Moving from Milan to Inter was a difficult step.”

“Going from Milan to Inter was a very difficult step. It’s not easy. Same city, different colors. It wasn’t easy to adapt to the team. But I worked hard, I’m my own I was very focused on my work. I knew I was going to the champion team. This is my chance. The team I went to was not the champion, my old team was the champion People made it sound like it was my fault. That’s my luck, my destiny. This year’s goal is also the championship. Good transfers are coming. This year’s assists and goals I think we were able to contribute to the team in numbers. Our team is very good, I am very happy at Inter. Fan support is also very helpful. I played in Milan for 4 years and warmed up I was never called to the stand during. In my first year at Inter, my name is called every time I warm up. Inter is a much stronger team than Milan. I lost against Milan. At the age of 75, Perisic, Valella, and I were out of the game. When we left the game, the match suddenly changed. We climbed 1-0 and 2-1. I lost. The coach also contributed to the defeat in that match. I also told him. In the next cup match, I won 3-0. The team was very ambitious. “

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“Zlatan loves to get attention”

“The guy is 40. I wouldn’t do it if I were 40. You’re not 18. He likes to get attention and now lives with them. He contributed this year. Didn’t, he didn’t play at all. But he does everything to get the attention of the fans. I don’t care at all, I wear something like that at all Not suitable for those who always call me when I’m playing in Milan and want to go out for dinner and ride a bike with me. I respected him, and He was like that to me. He also wrote about me in his book. He had to write, otherwise his book would be empty. I wouldn’t answer him It’s best not to answer. “

“Inzaghi wanted me very much.”

“Khawaja is a very good person who understands football and is very close to the side. It’s very difficult for him, but I think he overcame it. He wants me very much. His claim to the transfer to Intel was also effective. “

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“I became another player in Italy”

“I practice free kicks the same way Nadal practices in tennis. These things can’t happen without workouts and training. Of course you may be talented, but You have to work, but I’m no longer focused on free kicks as I used to, because in Italy I’ve improved myself tactically and defensively. Someone who likes it, someone who likes to run and struggle. I have become a player with many characteristics. “

“35-40 euros is less for me”

“In my opinion, 35-40 million euros for national team players is too little for us. Why are others always 55-60 euros? Why is our performance so rated? Not? Merih Demiral, Çağlar Soyuncu, Cengiz Ünder, Dorukhan Toköz, Uğurcan Çakır are more valuable. They always try to keep our value low, so I’m sensitive to it. “

“Turkey’s most talented Arda Guler”

“I spoke twice on the phone with Arda and his father. Congratulations on his performance, because in my opinion he is currently the most talented soccer player in Turkey. For the first time to someone like him. I met. Tahir Hoja called me and said, would you like to talk to Arda, let’s meet there. So I called Arda and talked about my thoughts. I made a mistake. He said he should come to Europe without. As I said before, the value of Turkish players, especially those playing in Turkey, will not increase. You have to come to Europe to increase that value. Hmm. And his talent is suitable for Europe. I’m sure it will be our brand. I think Ugurkan, Kerem and Haril Delvisoul are the same. I think it’s the right time for Ugurkan to come to Europe. increase.”

“I think Rıdvan will be very successful in Germany.”

“We talked to Lidovan about his transfer. He said he had an offer from Turin in addition to Frankfurt. He said he would go to Turin soon. I was near us and Turin Because it’s a good team. But Lidovan preferred Frankfurt. For their development, the German league is open to development and they offer many opportunities for young people. Rıdvan will be very successful there. believe.”

“I want to play Trabzonspor or Fenerbahce in the Champions League”

“People get angry when they can’t see the Turkish team in the Champions League. I’d love to match Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce, but I’m happy. I regularly join the Champions League to increase the value of the players. is needed.”

“If anyone intends to convince me to come to Galatasaray, only Fatty Hoka can do that.”

“Last year, Galatasaray had a good trump card. I had my testimonial. They couldn’t get it because of the change of president. Not this year, not next year. But if Fatih Terim asked me to call me, I would certainly not hurt him. If anyone is trying to convince me to come to Galatasaray, I can. Is only Fatih Hoka, because he does a lot of work for me. The dear teacher who invited me to the national team made me play, supported me in difficult times, and I And took care of me outside of football. I will stop by when I go to Bodolm. “

“My childhood spent dreaming of winning a trophy at Galatasaray.”

“I spent my childhood dreaming of winning a trophy at Galatasaray. I dream of wearing that jersey. I don’t know when and how to do it. Galatasaray fans, I’m I know I’m from Galatasaray. I don’t want to say this all the time. I’ve always heard about moving to Galatasaray, but if not, I’m disappointed. Yes, it was possible last year. But I don’t think it will happen this year or next year. But they can look forward to the future. Because the contract is over. I will be open to anything. To them. Let me continue to support the team. I have a lot of friends at Ultraslan. They are happy now. We are from Symbom. “