Had it not been thrown to Latvia, I wouldn’t have been here today

Stephen Kuntz, the coach of the national football team who lost the chance to participate in the World Cup after losing 3-1 to Portugal in the semi-finals of the Turkey 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualifying Playoff Tour, said he played very well. He said he was proud of his players, especially in the second half.

At a press conference held after the match, Mr. Kuntz said, “It doesn’t matter how many goal scoring shots you have. I was lucky than Portugal. I’m not interested in statistics. My team had a great match in the second half. I spent the first 20 minutes completely, but I didn’t have the courage in the field. Awakening occurred after recognizing the first goal from Portugal. After that, there were three goal shots and a dangerous cross.We admitted that the second goal was a bit ridiculous‘ He said.

“We didn’t talk to BURAK”

Stefan Kuntz talks about his triple defense preferences:Why did you play three? We didn’t focus on one-on-one games because we knew that Portugal had a style with many compromises. At halftime, I said to the player, “Do you really believe you’re going to play in the second half? They said,” Yes, we’re sure. I said, “Then show it in the field.” They made it impressive in the second half. Playing in Portugal, we were trying to change almost the whole game. I had a chance to catch up. After that, many are probably guessing where the match can go. I had a chance to play in Latvia instead of today. If you play this match, there is something to learn if you play this match. By building on it, you can have a growing team. I’m really proud of my team. No one in Turkey should be ashamed of our performance.But we definitely have something to learn, we haven’t perfected everything‘ He said.

Kuntz, “Did you talk to Brak after the match?“from”No, I didn’t talk. At the end of the match we formed a group on the field to help him relax a little. We said, “You should be proud to be the captain of this team.” Without the penalty goal he scored in Latvia, he wouldn’t have played the playoff game today. It was a big deal for the team. I’ve seized the opportunity, but sometimes I need luck.‘He replied.

“I don’t want an old system”

The German coach said, “Did Triple Defense disable Ronaldo? “That was one of our ideas, but it wasn’t just about playing Ronaldo. We’ve been successful in many areas. Looking at the average age of the three defensive players, it’s Very good. We understand that we have defenses that can force any line of attack.‘He replied.

After asking about Belkan Kuntz’s performance, Stefan Kuntz said.Looking at the first half, we can see that the aggressive movement we developed came from that side. He played in this position for the first time. Players need to be a little more patient. To be honest, I’m happy with the performance.“He evaluated.

When asked about the lessons learned from this game, Kuntz said, “Stick to the match plan. First of all, my team needs to learn this thoroughly. You should not be idle for the first 20 minutes. I missed a pass in every position. Tactically, I’m not happy with every position. In the second half of the year, improvements were seen in these issues. “Would you like to go back to the old system?” I asked. No, they said they were happy with the current system. Again, we want to continue to evolve in the planned direction.Congratulations on Portugal‘He declared.