Had Ancelotti been there, I wouldn’t have been able to do this in Galatasaray.

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With the announcement of the 1-Super League champion, Trabzonspor has finally declared its long-awaited victory. Did Burgundy Bruce announce the championship three weeks early and expect the Istanbul team to be so late? What’s going on?

MEHMET ARSLAN: It should have been before

Trabzonspor President and his coach put all their concentration into the field. They didn’t even succumb to fan pressure and kept the team away from all controversy. And look at the Big 3 … referees, TFF, media, they fought everyone. In such an environment, the Trabzonspor Championship is no surprise. I expected it early. They could have declared their championship even 3-4 weeks ago.

UĞURMELEKE: The staff was stable enough

This year’s Galatasaray team may not have been able to compete for the championship, but it’s not uncommon for Fenerbahce and Besiktas to be so late. Fenerbahce lost a lot of time with Pereira. Besiktas also worked with three different coaches to constantly spend the season reforming the United States. Trabzonspor managed to make a difference even in the stability of its technicians and staff against its rivals from Istanbul. Basakshehir’s staff are excellent, but they have already thrown towels by losing to Trabzon and selling Bisca.

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GÜNTEKIN Approval: Besiktas Surprise

Of course, I expected Trabzonspor to be one of the strongest candidates in the championship race. Surprisingly, however, three-cup champion Besiktas was far behind, despite the transfers of Miralem Pjanic, Michy Batshuay and Alex Teixeira. Fenerbahce made a mistake by choosing Vítor Pereira. Galatasaray, on the other hand, did not have a team eligible to compete in the championship.

2-Besiktas, who is trying to establish a new system with a new coach on one side, and Fenerbahce, who has shown a great performance of 31 points in the last 11 games on the other side … What kind of derby are you doing? Do you expect Sunday in the light of the team’s current situation? Who is your favorite?

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UĞURMELEKE: Determines who will win the ball

I think you haven’t seen Fenerbahce and Besiktas come to the derby with these two different gaming strategies for a long time! The center of the Fenerbahce match is the midfield, but the Besiktas Center has a direct understanding of transit. While Fenerbahce is looking for serial pass traffic and dominance, Besiktas is about to go directly to the goal with a 3-4 pass. In Sunday’s match, Fenerbahce may own a little more ball, but it’s very difficult to predict without seeing which coach will benefit from the ball.

GÜNTEKINONAY: Besiktas is better at home

If Derby is played in Kadikoy, it’s easy to say that Fenerbahce is my favorite. Yellow and dark blue people have maintained their shape and morale in the last few weeks, but Besiktas does not lose the derby at his home. Two key players like Valentin Rossier and Francisco Montero don’t play in defense, but I think the chances are the same in the derby. The matching variables determine the fate of the derby.

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To be honest, I opposed the idea of ​​continuing Ismail Cartal. But his great success impressed me too. Fenerbahce is playing the most enthusiastic and confident football of the season. Congratulations to Ismail Cartal in this regard. As for Derby … the probability that my prediction will come true is close to zero. Still, let me tell you my opinion. I hope Fenerbahce will win with many goals. Because they are the team that is in shape now.

3-Everyone criticizes the torrent of Galatasaray. He also accepted responsibility by saying, “When you lose, the coach is always responsible.” So is Torrent the only culprit? Does the player have a share at this table?

GÜNTEKINONAY: You can never succeed with this team

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Galatasaray’s troops are not good. At the beginning of the season, I was writing these before the test broke, I said. The midfield is very inadequate and the striker is unstable. Even if Ancelotti came, he couldn’t wonder with this team. This is a fact that must be accepted. In fact, it would be wrong to put this negative picture on a torrent. With the quality of this team, Galatasaray would not have been able to win the championship, but the quality and stability of the game could have been higher.

UĞURMELKE: Quality below competitors

The quality of G.Saray’s staff is lower than that of our competitors. In Fenerbahce, the ideal midfield trio is Crespo-Zajc-Mert and the alternative is Gustavo-Sosa-Arda. Ozan-Mesut is also off the team. Galatasaray’s first midfielder is Taylan-Pulgar-Emre. Later Belkan … Maltan, Sicardau, Belkan and Balsh were purchased at the beginning of the season for a total of € 17 million. For example, in this match all four were in the hut. If you rent Yunus to Adana to rent Maltan for $ 4 million, Emre Akbaba to Alaniya to rent Belkan for $ 4 million, or hire Okan to stay in Ismail, your current position is normal.

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MEHMET ARSLAN: I can’t even catch a bird with his mouth

Domenec Trent and Galatasaray fan stars never got along. There are organizational incompatibilities. From this point of view, Trent has no chance if he catches a bird by mouth in Galatasaray. What is his word? Is it wrong? Everything he said is true. The greatest crisis of all clubs is experienced in Galatasaray. Trents are the last person to take responsibility in such an environment. His words are correct, but his expression is controversial.

4-Torrent’s, “The club was completely empty when we arrived. There were no analysts, it was as if he was stealing from the fire!” His words had a big impact. rice field. How would you rate these words targeted at Terim?

MEHMET ARSLAN: He became a scapegoat

Brak Elmas and Fatih Terim are the largest shareholders of the team. Domenec Trent is now a yellow-red scapegoat. Brak Elmas has already left his post. That’s how he paid for it. Fatih Terim was dismissed and released from prosecution. Only torrents remained. He somehow goes abroad. Thanks to him, a group of incompetent and old soccer players was also saved. Someone else paid and the Spanish teacher paid the bill.

UĞURMELEKE: I also live in F.BAHÇE

If I remember correctly, I think Fenerbahce would have experienced a similar absurdity. Wasn’t it a claim that Aykut Kocaman’s team destroyed the data when Phillip Cocu took office? Unfortunately, this is the quality of management of a large club that we claim is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and we can’t put on the ground. I don’t think Domènec Torrent has ever shown a good coaching performance. Obviously, Yup Derwall and Mircea Lucescu never come out of this coach. But I think some focus has been on not being able to provide him with a healthy working environment since he arrived.

GÜNTEKIN Approval: This Behavior Is Not Ethical

It is unethical for coaches to target each other. In addition, Torrent has played 17 games with this team, but there is no progress in the football he plays. It’s true that he encountered problematic teams on the first day he arrived, but he wasn’t able to solve those problems either.

Had Ancelotti been there, I wouldn't have been able to do this in Galatasaray.

5-Besiktas lags behind in the second half of the game, scoring a goal for Kayserispor. Do you think Valérien Ismael’s five games were successful with eight points in a row? Is Besiktas going in the right direction?

MEHMET ARSLAN: Main exam for next season

Valerian Ismael will be doing a real test in the new season. His greatest advantage is the time to get to know the team and the country. The real challenge begins in a new season. A new team is waiting for him to form with those who have left the team and those who will join. Next, let’s see what he can actually do. Frankly, I feel Ismael will succeed. But the biggest drawbacks are the management of the club, the rushing attitude of their supporters, and the culture of scapegoating. If Besiktas is patient, they will win. Otherwise it will be disappointing.

UĞURMELEKE: It changed BEŞ0054KTAŞ a lot

Besiktas is playing football in a completely different way than in the past, and it will obviously take some time before this game is adopted. In the days of Şenol Günes, Sergen Yalçı and Önder Karaveli, the center of the game was the midfield. With Ismael, the team that always sought to catch a series of passes, dominated and always wanted the ball, switched to football based entirely on direct play and agility. I don’t want to be the center player of Valérien Ismael’s team because there is almost no midfield. Besiktas is completely playing with a long ball! It’s too early to judge. Check if this game will last.

GÜNTEKIN Approval: Planning B Required

Ismael is trying to establish a completely different understanding of new formations and games and is still looking in some areas. There are pluses and minuses. Especially in the match between Giresun and Kasımpasa, he has a lot of balls and cannot score a goal, so it is necessary to solve this problem. Direct play is useful for teams that want to play fast. But Plan B is also needed against enemies who close and destroy it.

6-It is true that we cannot be present when passing through Edirne based on both the national team and the club. Looking at the location, what are the weaknesses of Turkish football?

UĞURMELKE: Our goaltender is good

These days, we aim to be one of the most trained goalkeepers in our European counterparts. Altay Bayındıl and Uglukan Chakul wink in the Big 5 League. Ersin Destanoğlu is under development. Doğan Alemdar has been playing Start 11 for 6 weeks at Rennais. Our stopper pool isn’t too narrow. Charal, Ozan, Meri, Khan and Koray Günter have finished their season in five major leagues. Looking at the area alone, it can be said that there are not enough strikers and wing attackers these days.

MEHMET ARSLAN: I don’t believe in separation

I don’t believe in such a distinction. Soccer is a game of contact and speed. This is where we experience our greatest weaknesses. Even a very simple foul shot will not stop the ball in play in one minute. We are resting and playing games. The referee whistles very easily. It tricks players, referees, opponents, and spectators. There is no moral struggle on the field. Technicians aren’t trying to create a game plan, but for now, they’re aiming to earn points no matter what. Of course, such understanding of football remains local and returns from Edirne.

GÜNTEKINONAY: We are not working well

Our weaknesses. Ours don’t work as well as Europeans. Intensity is low, our soccer players don’t like work and aren’t used to intense training. Apart from this, the fundamental flaws in position knowledge and group play are also very obvious.