Gunai: These don’t fit Galatasaray-TRT Spor

The injunction regarding the presidential election in Galatasaray was lifted on April 22 by the 10th Civil Court in Istanbul. Fırat Develioğlu, a member of the Galatasaray Sports Club, demanded new action and ruled in the Court of Appeals.

In appreciation of the request, the Fourth Civil Council of the Istanbul District Court (0054ST0054NAF) decided to revoke the district court’s provisional decision. In that decision, the Chamber of Commerce stated that plaintiff Fırat Develioğlu had decided to accept the injunction.

Following these developments, former Vice President of Galatasaray Sports Club Yusuf Gunay issued a statement on this issue.

“The decision is illegal”

Yusuf Günay said he was very surprised by the Court of Appeals’ decision, which was illegal in principle and procedure.

Expressing his thoughts on the decisions made, Günay said, “We started the day with shocking news. I learned that precautions were taken to prevent tomorrow’s elections in Galatasaray. I was really surprised to see that decision. In one of the decisions of the Court of Appeals, the Board of Directors stated that the enforcement of the extraordinary election decision was suspended under Article 87, Article 22 of the Company’s Act, and that it was taken. Inevitable decision. This is a surprising situation. The board reports that it has made an election decision in accordance with 28/1 and 28/1 to make an extraordinary election decision whenever the board desires. Announced through the agency. The directors used this authority to make the decision, but the court claimed that it “made this decision in accordance with 87-22.” I think the Court of Appeals’ decision is illegal both in substance and procedure. Second, the Court of Appeals issues this injunction. Did he seek protection from our early clubs? Decisions made without these are officially illegal. Officials are not candidates for elections. There is no legal benefit to a request to cancel an election. The case cannot actually be the recipient. ” He said.

“We need to oppose the decision.”

Gunay said elections could be held if the court did not properly notify the yellow-red club’s decision. “We need to take a stand against this decision. Tomorrow we can all go to Galatasaray High School to call for an extraordinary election and ask the board to make this decision. If the injunction is officially notified to the club, this election will not be held tomorrow, but if it is not communicated, the election can be held. “People are ready for what will happen. Must be. “ I used the phrase.

“If the president resigns, a compulsory election will be held.”

Yusuf Gunay said there would be no obstacles before the election if Galatasaray Sports Club President Braquelmas resigned after the decision.

“I don’t know what decision the board will make today, but I don’t think it’s enough for management to decide on an election, because if the board decides on a new election, it’s possible. Instead. If the president of the Galata Sarai Sports Club resigns, he resigns because of the inevitable elections. It will be a better decision. This situation also removes the hesitation against him. The president resigns. When that happens, the election will take place within three weeks. “

“What is the use of Develoğlu to open this case?”

Yusuf Günay said Fırat Develioğlu, who caused the incident, did not benefit from the incident and there may be other circumstances behind the incident. “In March 2019, when we were not released administratively, we filed a proceeding and openly sought rights. People who criticized our proceeding were probably hesitant to file a proceeding, so now The situation is different. Therefore, they did not openly seek rights. What is the use of Fırat Develioğlu in filing this proceeding? The legal interests of those living abroad in filing this proceeding are What? Someone needs to prove it. There is no doubt that it causes serious hesitation behind this. In that sense, administrative release is against the law. “You are it. If you look, you can go to court. There is nothing strange about this. This is a claim of rights. Someone else by resorting to other means. “ He said.

Gunay, meanwhile, added that there is no foreseeable situation as to when the elections will take place.

The reaction is growing

Meanwhile, the court of appeal’s decision has begun to respond from the yellow-red community. Galatasaray presidential candidate Metin Ozturk said in his social media account: “We know the people who run the courtroom and play with the endless immorality of Galatasaray and the people behind it. Shame on your pattern.” I made a statement.

Former Vice President of Galatasaray Sports Club Abdullahim Albairac also shared a post on this subject from his social media account.Albayrac, in his post “There should be an election in Galatasaray tomorrow. I personally believe in the election.” The sentence used.