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By Malatya Metropolitan Area A groundbreaking ceremony has been held for the Arguvan Indoor Sports Hall, which can accommodate approximately 500 spectators, to be held in the Arguvan district.

Malatya – Greater Malatya will add a new addition to its services and investments in 13 districts of Malatya after the construction is completed in Arghvan district, with a groundbreaking ceremony for Arghvan Indoor Sports Hall where youth can play basketball, volleyball and handball. I did. Indoor sports such as

With an area of ​​approximately 2,000 square meters and a capacity of 500 spectators, the Arguvan Indoor Sports Hall will participate in the landmark program of Greater Malatya Mayor Selahattin Gürkan and AK Party MKYK members. and Vice Rectors of Malatya Bulent Tufekci and Oznur Chalik, Mayor of Arugvan Mehmet Kızıldash, Chairman of MHP Province Mesut Samanli, Vice Rector of Turgut Ozal University Professor Dr. Murat Arada, Secretary General of Metropolitan Municipality Jemal Nogai, Party District Head , Provincial Mufti Veyser Ishrudar, Chairman of Gem Foundation Malatya Branch Eshrev Doan, representatives of NGOs, veterans, Mukhtar and many citizens attended.

“A very important day for Arguban”

Arguvan Mayor Mehmet Kızıldaş said it was a very important day for Arguvan, stating: “Today we have come together to fill a very important deficit and meet a need in Arguvan. The groundbreaking ceremony for the indoor sports hall , is very important to all of us.We had to cancel the ceremony due to weather conditions.However, this facility gives us the opportunity to hold the ceremony indoors during inclement weather.Today, Arguvan has the infrastructure There is a shortage of all kinds of needs, from services to road services.We have received many services from parking MASKI services to MASKI services.No faults or problems in this regard.Serrahat Mayor of our Metropolitan Municipality thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for these services and investments made so that Arguvan’s compatriots could be better served.Serve and live to a high standard.Thanks Gurkan.President has taken office At the time, he always said: We will defend the unity, integrity and solidarity of Malatya, in this sense we will not discriminate against anyone and against anyone We will continue to serve and continue without looking differently.” And the fact that the thinking of the President then and the service of the President today are heading in the same direction also strengthens the unity of our state. I know that important service will continue in terms of solidarity and solidarity, and I would like to thank the President again for this. I am very happy and honored to be able to welcome everyone at the groundbreaking ceremony and experience the same excitement and enthusiasm.

“The important thing is that basic needs reach citizens.”


Mayor Gulkan said Arguban district is a cute district, saying, “In the land of folk songs, let’s start conversations with poetry. I don’t know if this is mountains or plains, but if you go there, you’ll find yours.” yes,” he said.Nest, where is the bird’s path to Arghvan, can you take me to Arghvan, I can’t report. We have come to deliver news. Come to serve. We are very happy that our children welcomed us.Thanks to the warm welcome at the entrance of Arguban, we have lavender flowers.Arguban is a very pretty town.The infrastructure is completed and the roads are It’s hot asphalt, cultural centers have been built, sports halls have been built, and neighboring fields have been built. It’s important to build parks. Just as those who do not close their eyes and do not close their curtains benefit from the rays of the sun, we develop our understanding of services.With Arguvan alone There are construction sites in all districts and neighborhoods of the 13 districts without exception.There are now hundreds of construction sites in Malatya.We are honored with the title of the most invested municipality in Turkey and the We have the title of Municipality with the most rural services.The important thing is that the basic needs reach the feet of our citizens.We stand for solidarity, solidarity, peace and order in this country. We must act justly and justly.We have promised ourselves this.While performing these services, I would like to thank Ms. Malatya When we go to Ankara, they have made great effort and efforts to guide us and transfer funds to Malatya and we are grateful to them in this sense. I would like to thank all members of the Government of the Government of the United States of America.Our requests have been met with all ministries and agencies that have gone along with their requests.For this I would like to express my gratitude to the Ministers. The President, who said that Malatya is very important to us, also said at the Cabinet meeting that Malatya is my hometown, and he gave instructions to do whatever it takes to get there. Thanks to the president, thanks to the ministers and parliamentarians, our way is open in all respects.As a Malatya people, I would like to express my gratitude to the president, the ministers and all the deputies. As a metropolitan municipality, we have a beautiful Saz Park, a solid A lavender garden was built with a transit station and the Arguban Municipality. Distributed seeds. Built canals at points of infrastructure and irrigation systems. We have built asphalt roads and will continue to do so. Never stop, keep going. Together we serve Malatya. Place your body under the stone, not your hands. Participated in the Turkish Folk Festival. On Nazim Hikmet’s “Free and free as a tree, brotherhood as a forest”, we must always defend this brotherhood. Congratulations to all the brethren of Arguban on his seventh day of Muharram. I pray that Allah will accept your prayers and fasts this month. May our sports facilities be good for the people of Arghvan. I would also like to thank the Minister for Youth and Sports here. We are investing billions of lira in every corner of Malatya, including sports halls, football fields, basketball and volleyball courts, gymnasiums, youth centers and all districts of Malatya,” said the Youth and Sports Minister. rice field.

“Arguvan deserves service, worth everything”

Malatya’s Deputy Mayor Oznur Charik, MKYK member of the AK party, also said: Converted to infrastructure, superstructures and asphalt construction sites, good luck to you. I say. Our youth and sports ministers have important investment services not only in Malatya but throughout Turkey. Indoor sports halls in need and with support from our Ministry of Youth and Sports to Greater Malatya, we are laying the groundwork for indoor sports halls. Good luck. Arguban, our youth, all Good luck to the brethren of. Arguban is worthy of service, it is worth everything. ”

“Our Metropolitan Municipality Brings Beautiful Works to Arguban”

Thanking for the warm welcome in Arguvan District, AK Party MKYK member Malatya Deputy Bülent Tüfenkci said: Special significance. We bless the month of Muharram. May the Lord accept our fasting and prayers. There are no restrictions on services. We work together to serve.Arguvan is important to us and our Metropolitan Mayor also works in harmony with his beautiful work Arguvan Our aim is to create a town, land, city and country of happy people. Living within the philosophy of making the nation live longer. Our aim is to create unity, solidarity and solidarity in Turkey. We will develop together, move forward together, and give our country a respected position among the nations of the world. hope to occupy the I wish God Almighty that our sports hall will bring good luck to our district and our city.

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