Greetings to the Burgundy Blue People-Sports News Just Before

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90 minutes after yesterday, there was a great deal of enthusiasm in Trabzon, but in reality the celebration began in the morning hours. The center of excitement was the town square. Fans slowly gathered in front of the stage set up in the square. Old and young, children and babies … everyone was there. The torch burned everywhere. As the crowd grew, so did the enthusiasm. Jerseys, pennants, flags. The city was burgundy blue in every respect. I saw happiness through people’s eyes. Cheers spread throughout the crowd. There was no teasing in the cheers. It was implicit, inaccurate, and very clear: “Champion Trabzonspor!”

The surrounding cities flowed to Trabzon

There was a lot of najire in the cheers only for the 2010-11 season. It’s been 10 years, and it’s clear that the memories of that season are still in the memory of the city. For this reason, these celebrations in a sense make up for the loss of the season for fans. Everyone I talked to agreed with this. The seventh championship is on record, but I don’t remember. “This is our 8th championship,” everyone said. Because they also count 2010-11. The surrounding cities flowed into Trabzon. Police and gendarmerie reinforcements were also received from Artvin, Gümüşhane, and surrounding cities such as Giresun and Ordu.

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No anger, pride and obedience

The hotel in the city was full. Some fans could only find places near Rize and Giresun, but they didn’t intend to go to the hotel anyway. In fact, Trabzon couldn’t sleep at all last night! They said they see this championship in the interests of Anatolia as a whole, not just Trabzon. A large stage was set up in Trabzon Square for those who could not enter the stadium. Thousands of people watched the game from there. The enthusiasm and excitement that began a few hours ago did not diminish for a moment throughout the match. It culminated in the last whistle, and Trabzon became a festive area.

We are happy, we are proud, we are proud

Goalkeeper Uglucan Chakul, who gained a large share of the Trabzonspor championship in STAT, expressed his feelings as follows. It happened in 2010-11. Then we cry from sadness and now from happiness. We are very happy as children in this city. A gift for the whole city. Greetings to Burgundy Blue … “

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A placard that offended Trabzon’s F. BAHÇE

Abdullah Avc in hunting clothes sits on a giant flag announced before the match at the Trabzonspor stand, and a canary with the “2010-2011 Champion Trabzonspor” flag on the tip of the rifle on his back. was. This banner is F. It was a big hit from the garden club. In a statement they made on their social media accounts, the dark blue people called the prosecutor about the flag of duty. Burak Kızılhan, vice president of the yellow and dark blue team, said: What happened in this match was beyond the top. We have started a new legal process. The banner is an example of shame. “

Celebration Hami’s Aunt

Asiye Mandıralı is the aunt of Hami Mandıralı, one of Trabzonspor’s famous soccer players. Hami was the legend of Trabzonspor in the 90’s. His hard shot from a few meters away was a nightmare for the goalkeeper. His sister-in-law shared the crowd’s enthusiasm yesterday with either applause or a slogan. He speaks words by connecting them quickly. “I was born naturally. I’m following the match. My servant is also a fanatic. There’s nothing to say to our joy. We just celebrated our first holiday. Second The feast will be on Monday. “

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Fist boffin

Antalyaspor club president Aziz Chetin said that Trabzonspor fans who entered the field before the end of the match beat and kicked goalkeeper Boffin and soccer player Floranus and did not withdraw from the field to prevent Turkish football turmoil. He said. Chetin said: “Some of the fans who entered the field attacked our soccer players Floranus and Boffin. We did not withdraw the team from the field so as not to confuse Turkish football. Follow the punishment given. Congratulations on Trabzonspor, “he said.