Great interest in sports Istanbul to nature camps where children have a good time


Spor Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), continues with fun activities and projects for children. Last year, 4,21 children participated, and the Nature Camp, which was very popular with parents and children, started again this year after school holidays. The Nature Camp, open to children aged 9 to her 15, will be held again this year in her two locations over the course of two months.

Unlike 2021, this year Spor Istanbul, which also hosts a one-night camp, held this camp in Sile, open to children aged 12-15. While day camps are held at Nishantepe Oman Park in Cekmekoy, nature camps, organized to instill a sense of responsibility, team spirit and a sense of sport in children from an early age, also help develop children’s technical skills. contributes to Training at nature camps teaches children about environmental sensitivity, avoidance of bad habits, solidarity, tolerance and cooperation by acting and living together. Nature camp registration is done through the address ‘’.

Kids will have a great time with daily or overnight camping options.

Children await fun and action-packed activities at Nature Camp. at Daily Nature Camp. Climbing, orienteering, cycling, living in nature and drama training. In addition, you can have fun with various physical activities such as adventure parks and survival tracks. At nature camps including accommodation, navigation, peripheral vision, fire burning workshops, shelter workshops, water production workshops in nature, icebreaker activities and case studies lost in nature, we lives in nature, teamwork and basic camp training. Families can view camping spots online at Nature Camp via the link provided.

“Our aim is to bring families and children together with nature.”


İBB Spor İstanbul General Manager İzzet Renay Onur said: Behavioral changes in children ages 5 to 15 that we are with have implications for their entire lives.This one night nature camp for him is the result of his one day nature school that started last year. was born alongside Last year he hosted 3,000 children. Based on feedback from parents and children, we knew there was a demand for accommodation and designed this place this year. There are 100 children in this camp. A total of 1,600 children will be accepted during the school term. The children spend two days here, but the most enjoyable time is the “night walk”. That means spending time in forests where fireflies seldom enter and watching them leave unforgettable footprints. We designed a variety of modular systems to help children feel more comfortable in nature, such as pitching tents, lighting fires, finding directions in nature, and purifying water. did. Parents and children who came were also delighted. For 2 days camping he charges 50 TL. This includes canteens, t-shirts, food, tent accommodation purchased here, and snacks served in between. and taking children with nature. Register for camp online.

“The evening walk was the most enjoyable.”

Burak Yasin Akpınar, one of the children who attended the nature camp, said: Really good service. The environment is beautiful. My parents registered me here. I loved walking at night. I think the forest is more beautiful at night. ” He said.

Cansu Çatnabacak, one of the nature camp participants, said: We both made fires and played in different activities. ”

Enes Shamil Gonenc – Sevgi Canpolat