Graduation ceremony at Fenerbahce University


Thursday, June 23, 2022 10:25

The 12th grade graduation ceremony was held at Fenerbahce University.

Fenerbahçe College Anatolian High School Principal Hallise Kıvanç and General Manager Fatih Canpolat started the ceremony with opening speeches and read aloud the message of President Ali Y. Koç.

Our President included the following statement in his message:

“Today is a very special and meaningful day for you and us in our future. I send my love to you. For students who have graduated from high school, there is hope to make their dreams come true. Say goodbye to a new educational path. Fenerbache College, under the leadership of our teachers, is a successful and experienced life of education and training for you, our esteemed student. With the love of Fenerbache, who spent his time growing, developing and doing his best to grow in the light of Ataturk’s principles and reforms. Now you are out of the nest. To Ataturk’s light and yellow and navy blue. There is no doubt that you will bring your love to every school, every city and country you attend. This new path you follow will be beneficial and fortunate for both you and your family looking into your eyes. My high school friends are special and I will never forget what happened during this time. I hope that the friendships that I have built under this roof will last a lifetime and always smile and remember my memories. We are always with you and always proud of your achievements. You follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, you are an Ataturk youth and shine brightly in your achievements and achievements. I sincerely believe that you will always show us what you are doing. Fenerbahçe College Anatolian High School 2021-2022 Alumni. Your path is clear, do your best! “

In his speech, Fatih Canpolat, General Manager of Fenerbahçe College, said in a speech. “Dear young people, we have big dreams and goals for you while your parents are at home and we, your teachers are raising you at school. We give you a lot. We want you to be familiar with our language, history and culture, while at the same time using foreign languages ​​effectively and increasing international mobility in all areas. We want you to be familiar with the world in the world where life and borders are removed. We are sensitive to the problems you encounter with our country and the world, respect the differences, are tolerant, and We have a strong communication aspect and want to establish positive relationships with people, especially your family and friends. We are confident, solve problems ourselves and with our lives. We aim to be an individual who can plan the future and stand on their own feet. We want your academic performance to be high and your performance to be consistently high. Play sports and play music. Or dealing with art … We want so much and there are many things we often want more from you … Even if you don’t want it, we want you Nevertheless, for these we mobilize all means and take you to private schools, courses, private lessons, and various centers. We are all to you. I want you to have the best of. Do you know why? In essence, you are our child. That is, you are everything to us … our teachers make you our child. We see you as parents and teachers because we consider you to be the meaning of our lives as our children for your parents and our teachers, you We are the ones who devote our lives, we sacrifice for you, we work for you, increase for you, work hard for you, you us Hope. Because you are us in the future, we rely on you both ourselves and our country. You are a continuation of our country …

As Fenerbahçe Kolejliler, we believe, trust and cooperate with managers, teachers, students and parents. To love our country, our country. Our common goal is to be a responsible, free-thinking and creative individual. But most importantly, intellectuals who, first and foremost, can think scientifically, follow in the footsteps of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and absorb values ​​in order to form the basis of all these qualities. And I wanted to raise you as a Democrat of the Republic.
Young people guarantee our future!

We are trying to raise your parents, managers, teachers, and Fenerbahçe College employees as young people who are intelligent, intelligent, and have a personality that distinguishes between rights, goodness, and beauty, befitting the Information Age. We thank the values ​​of our republic and the Ataturk principles and revolutions that are illuminating our path in every way.

By graduating from Fenerbahce College, you will gain strength anytime, anywhere. With this power behind you, you all lead to the principles and revolutions of Ataturk and walk in the light of the principles of the future republic. We are confident that we consider them to be happy and successful individuals who are beneficial to our country and our country and contribute to the development of our country, science and humanity.

May your path be opened and your future brightened with the joy of seeing you off with these values. Heartiest congratulations. I pray for your health and happiness throughout your life. ” I used the phrase.

After the speech, our students Ceren Nisa Kaya (1st), Irmak Yaren Hepşen (2nd) and Pelinsu Ezgi Aktaş (3rd) were awarded by Fatih Canpolat, General Manager of the Fenerbahçe Educational Institution.

After the winner’s speech and the age record plaque, a flag pennant delivery ceremony was held.

The ceremony ended with students throwing hats into the air after the commemorative diploma was awarded.

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