Good news for students preparing for the exam!

The Ministry of National Education has been providing supplementary resources prepared since October for the benefit of students and teachers every month. The March Supplementary Resource Pack is available for students of all grades and grades. “Activity book, teacher’s guidebook, learning questions, skill-based tests, central exam sample questions, interactive questions, repetitive tests, TYT, AYT, YKS sample question booklet for YKS” It is located. March supplemental resource pack accessible from

A package created by a team of experts aimed at strengthening the topics that students cover in their lessons, compensating for learning losses in distance learning, and contributing to the learning process, for worksheets, research questions, and students. A study facilitation consisting of 850 questions included grades 2-7.

8th grade March LGS sample question

The March survey of LGS sample questions, which is regularly published monthly to support 8th graders preparing for the central exam to be held within the scope of LGS in 2022, was also shared in the Supplementary Resource Pack.

YKS 1200 Survey Questions

Prepared for junior high school students “retest”The tenth one is also included in the auxiliary resource support package. The 10th Retest has 750 questions, covering the units and achievements of the second semester.

The 12th grade higher education exam resource set has 1,200 questions in the 3 TYT, 3 AYT, and 1 YDT booklets. In addition, a question bank consisting of 4,000 250 questions, workbooks and activity books was provided to junior high school students.

Grade 8, 9 and 10 interactive questions

Interactive questions prepared for grades 8, 9, and 10 will continue to be shared electronically. The study provided multiple-choice questions from the fields of Turkish, math, and science, as well as questions using drop-down menus, drag-and-drop, and multiple-choice features. In addition, free-form questions were used to measure advanced mental skills and provide students with the opportunity to create their own answers. The question was configured to include a simulation that allows students to see the actual situation on the screen.

Activities for special education students

The March package will continue to include activities for special education students studying at the basic and secondary level. The aim is to enhance the subject with activities such as filling in the blanks, finding similarities and differences, matching, understanding, and explaining techniques.

A sixth auxiliary resource support package announced on the provincial website that it is available to students and teachers, said Minister of Education Mahmutousel:

“From October, we have prepared and shared a comprehensive supplementary resource package that takes into account the needs of students of all levels of education, from second grade to third grade. There are 8000 questions in the package. , 6th is available this month.

Resource pools are created by experienced and professional staff, and their capacity is increasing day by day. Our support packages are welcomed by both students and teachers. Since November, we have provided students with these 24 million printed aid resources. The number of downloads from ​​has exceeded 12 million. We will continue to support and publish on a regular basis, taking into account the needs of all students. “