Good news about irrigation, energy and farm lending from President Erdogan

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The headlines for President Erdogan’s remarks are:

“The duty of the cabin is a relay race.”

Our teacher, Vahit, believes we will take steps to improve the vision of our farmers and forestry workers. We hope his brother Bekir Pakdemirli will succeed in his future life. Of course, we will continue to benefit from the experience and energy of our brother Bekir in various fields. The Cabinet’s mission is a relay race.

“We are working on our goal for 2023.”

Thanks to the swift and effective decision-making opportunities offered by the presidential system, we have taken steps to keep the cabinet dynamic with the eight changes we have made. We have a much better understanding of the power and benefits of new management systems in the event of a crisis. Our country owes much to the opportunities brought about by the new administrative system, without suffering from conflicts in the south, north and east and tensions in the west. We are making decisive progress towards the goal of 2023, the largest democracy and development movement in the history of the republic. By the time we reach, we are one of the countries that has succeeded in cooperating with all parties without disrupting human and political relationships, even during peak crises and conflicts.

In the past, as Turkey, we have had a hard time meeting the needs of our people and ensuring the continuity of their work, vaccines and bread. Millions of people have been unemployed and everyone has experienced dark days of despair in their future. Today, we are in a position to manage a crisis that is powerless even in developed countries. Despite the coaching games, terrorist attacks, coup attempts, political and economic traps that have been exposed over the last decade, we have achieved all of this. As some of you may have noticed, those who oppose the presidential system have never been able to offer notable alternatives. They intend to undo everything they said. It’s been a long time, but unfortunately it turns out that they couldn’t submit a single constitutional text. It’s clear that people who write reports abroad like their own work aren’t working. They describe the work we have already done as if it were their own idea.

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Antalya Diplomatic Forum

One of the greatest signs of the importance of the attractiveness of Turkey’s growing power in the region and around the world is the Antalya Diplomatic Forum. The Antalya Diplomatic Forum was attended by 17 heads of state and government leaders from 75 countries around the world. At the forum, 200 meetings were held between the parties, three summits, 27 panels, four interviews, three roundtables, and diplomacy was restructured. The most striking event in the forum was the meeting between Russian and Ukrainian Foreign Ministers and our Foreign Minister Chabshuol.

Minister ÇAVUŞOĞLU goes to Russia and Ukraine

It was very important in opening the door to diplomacy and dialogue. Tomorrow, I will send the Foreign Minister to Moscow. He goes to Ukraine on Thursday. On behalf of myself and my country, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the organization of the forum, especially our Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu. Tomorrow, I will meet with Polish President Duda. We host him. Turkey resolutely implements its growth strategy to be among the world’s top 10 economies, but maintains its position as a diplomatic center. Of course, the moral support of friends and brothers who have hearts and prayers with us is important. However, it is also true that you actually have to get hungry.

Last minute: Cabinet meeting finished President Erdogan: Turkey, diplomatic center

1915 Canakkale Bridge

As for the basic infrastructure, there are no major drawbacks. The 1915 Canakkale Bridge, which will open next Friday, will be one of the golden rings of work and service. Our country sees, knows and appreciates what we are doing and why we do it from the works that have emerged. In the opening program on Friday, we will evaluate all the works brought to Japan and bring them to the people who want to see them. I did not forget those who did not leave an insult to the army through the tank pallet factory in Sakariya. We do not allow our own aircraft, our weapons, the spirit that prevents us from developing our cars, to do the same evil again in our country. The importance of the broad vision we have brought to our country will be better understood when Turkey’s expanding sphere of influence in this region and around the world begins to have a positive effect on the welfare of its people.

“We are taking an important step in education.”

As always, education and health are the top priorities of our priorities today. We have delivered the long-awaited good news to medical professionals who met on March 14th, Medical Day yesterday. I hope that the good news I have given will be beneficial, especially in the prevention of violence against health care workers and the development of personal rights. We are taking an important step in education. The enrollment rate has been raised to over 90%. We were able to significantly increase the number of students participating in the training. It’s time for preschool education to become widespread. We aim to operate 3,000 kindergartens and 40,000 new kindergartens between the ages of 3 and 5 in 2022.

Good news for farmers

On the other hand, there are three important good news for farmers about irrigation, energy and credit. First, in order to increase and raise the level of water-based agriculture, we will quickly complete irrigation facilities in agricultural areas where dams and ponds have been completed and bring them into the national economy. It provides producers with an annual revenue increase of 41 billion lira. Our aim is to make the energy used by farmers in agricultural irrigation more affordable. We know that increasing agricultural irrigation is challenging our farmers. We plan to increase the share of electricity obtained from the sun in irrigation activities. Thus, in my agricultural area, production increases as the irrigated area expands, but lower energy costs also increase farmers’ income.

Last minute: Cabinet meeting finished President Erdogan: Turkey, diplomatic center

The amount of installed power subject to tax exemption has been increased from 10kWh to 25kWh for residential use. Our aim is to pave the way for research to reduce energy costs in all areas. The third good news is that we are raising the Treasury’s interest support loan caps for farmers. Of course, we are aware of the difficulties. But we believe that what we should focus on is the opportunity to stand in front of our country.